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If you need a bunch of gamers to talk generic gaming with, circle and interact with these people:
Character sheet:

Ramanan's character generator:

Ramanan's Summon spell runner:


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Exodus escape route: If you like mixing DCC with Lamentations, like me, I made this:

If you are itching for more of the same (pure, oddly SFW Lamentations) on another platform, here is our community, but on MeWe: The king is dead long live the new king.

Both places will be free of our hobby's worst spammers; this I vow.

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Looking for maybe 2 players for this Saturday!

I want to run a session in The Gardens of Ynn, using Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Pitch: It's 1897, the end of the century. A group of jaded nobles, debauched adventurers, creepy occultists, wanton socialites and other decadents on the search for unknown pleasures, new thrills and occult titillation. Perhaps this secret garden holds what they are looking for?

When: October 13, 19:00 [ UTC+3 !!!]
Where: Google Hangouts
How long: 3-4 hours
Who: 3-4 players
With: characters with 4501 xp (roll up your own or pick a pregen)

Yes, this is on a very short notice, but I got some free time, and Ynn is a great setting. The starting time can be moved to a bit later (between 19.00 and 21.00 UTC+3).

Please, comment if you are interested! Mind the time zone (UTC+3).

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Cool new kickstarter for lotfp
The Road to Hell halfway funded
While I was away at @rpgfurnace , The Road to Hell Kickstarter reached half-way funded :)

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Here's an article about archaeologists opening a sealed curse.

It's engraved metal that was nailed shut and sounds like a superb cursed item for the PCs to find, open, and ruin their collective days.

Also, it could be an idea for how scrolls may be written by some magic users.

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Today I released another Halloween Horror. This time it is The Tale of Harrot, the Headless Horseman : a pay-what-you-want encounter for Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm). Have fun with it!

Anyone played a LotFP campaign set in the Ottoman Empire?

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I am taking a slight detour from reviewing the 2018 GenCon Lamentations books, but for good reason. Today, I am reviewing Obscene Serpent Religion by Rafael Chandler in advance of Jeff Reints’ Obscene Serpent Religion 2. Rafael has also written No…
Review: Obscene Serpent Religion
Review: Obscene Serpent Religion

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This blog post contains self-contained and very simple, minimalist rules for running intense, gritty games in a Psionic Wasteland. It works alongside my Dark Sun Lamentations stuff, and can be used for any OSR game--5E too if you are good at converting. Check it out kids. This'll be a booklet soon.
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