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自製 Ubuntu 16.04.X/17.10/18.04.X/18.10 測試硬體安裝使用的 USB 隨身碟
>p>與「 自製 Ubuntu 13.04/12.10/12.04.2 與 Debian 7.0 測試硬體安裝使用的 USB 隨身碟 」跟「 自製 Ubuntu 16.04/16.04.1/16.04.2/16.10/17.04 測試硬體安裝使用的 USB 隨身碟 」同樣的步驟只是改用 grub.cfg 這個設定檔。 隨身碟換成某年在 COSCUP 購買的 USB stick 紀念品,所以容量有 16GB 可以用,只是已經不想再不斷地修改 grub.cfg 所以改成自動偵測 vmlinuz 跟 initrd ...

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Post has attachment 這個週末做出來的小專案,可以線上編輯與分享 Debian 與 Ubuntu 的自動安裝設定。 #debian #ubuntu #installation

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下個 LTS 開發版本已經可以下載了,要早點幫忙測試回報問題才有機會在正式釋出時修掉問題呦。

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Super Long Term Support (SLTS) of - 60 years!!!

Linux 4.4 kernel becomes industry standard with 60 years support!

Some handful of global players (Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi, Renesas, ...) have defined Linux 4.4 kernel now as "Civil Infrastructure Platform" for water / electricity / transport / logistics... supply with Super Long Term Support (SLTS) of - 60 years!

Leveraging released file system images are being generated with Deby, a reproducible and maintainable embedded Linux distribution currently based on poky and Debian LTS source code.

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我來提一個 Burning Bird :P

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在一台電腦 Ubuntu 系統中已增加了其他使用者。

PS. 我的一台電腦要給家人使用。
安裝是 Xubuntu 17.04。

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Five years ago, Barton George pitched a crazy idea to the internal innovation team at Dell: what if Dell took its highest end laptop, pre-loaded Ubuntu on it, included all the needed drivers and targeted it at developers?

This is the story of Project Sputnik!
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