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Looking for a cool way to become a better developer? 
Host or attend a #coderetreat on 15 Nov: #gdcr14
If you are interested in hosting or facilitating an event in your city, please fill in the host and facilitator registration form:
As we register events, you can find out if there is one in your city on the official GDCR 2014 event list page:

Be Cool! Become a coder-poet or changing the future of IT organization!

Help us support CodorDojo by:

• Inviting a CoderDojo to your Coderetreat - if you are hosting or facilitating a coderetreat for GDCR, why not invite your local CoderDojo club members to join you? You can find your local Dojo here:

• Mentoring at a CoderDojo - CoderDojo is always looking for more volunteers: Maybe there is a CoderDojo near you (you can search the map on the CoderDojo home page) that you could volunteer a few hours every week or every month to help with.

• Becoming a Champion and start a Dojo - If there is not already a CoderDojo in your local community, then we encourage you to consider starting one: The Global Day of Coderetreat (November 15th) would be a GREAT day to launch a new Dojo.

• Donating or becoming a global sponsor - If volunteering is not your thing, then we encourage you to consider donating to CoderDojo: or sponsoring the organization through the Global Day of Coderetreat:

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What is even cooler than writing clean code? Teaching others how to write clean code. Host a #coderetreat on 11/15:

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Learn how you can support @CoderDojo as part of the Global Day of #Coderetreat: #gdcr14

Coderetreat is a day­-long, intensive practice event focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.
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