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I will be mowing lawns and weedeating. Free esitimates, and trustworthy! Inside and outside work done for you, and gives you more time for yourself or family! Call (931) 412-3131 or email deehall425@yahoo,com, and/or Facebook( Dee's Cleaning). Have a great day!

Hope everyone having a great day! My new number is 931-412-3131! Need help.give me a holler, reasonable prices!

New number for Dee's Cleaning (931) 412-3131! Need any help. give me a holler!Have a good day !

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Hope everyone having a great day making own cleaning supplies! Need help, call (931) 209-9593.

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Good day everyone, I have a Facebook page(Dee's Cleaning) and a web site ( or can call or text (931) 209-9593. If you want, also can send me a email at Any questions,contact me ! Always afordable and guaranteed!

Any questions, contact me ! Can help and also affordable and guaranteed!

Thank you Mr. Seiber for letting me show you the hard work I put in. I appreciate it.

Cleaning residential or commercial properties.Reasonable rates,will work on days,nights, and weekends. Also have someone to do outside cleaning and have references.  
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