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Evento conclusivo del progetto CROSS a Torino.
Il vice Sindaco: Elide Tisi
Il Direttore del servizio: Monica Lo Cascio
Il Dirigente: Maurizio Pia
Il Coordinatore del progetto CROSS: Claudio Foggetti.
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Event title: CROSS meets the EP

Date: March 7th, Strasburg
Time: H18:30-20:30
Place: European Parliament
Building Loise Weiss, Room 1.2

We are interested in new ways to organize Social Services that is citizen-centric and based on the real user experience. Up to now this sector has not attracted enough innovation, though times are changing. Some innovative ecosystems are emerging, with communities of innovators, investors and practitioners who experiment co-production of services and digital technology. Social Services is becoming a new sector of the digital single market with the potential for a sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. 

Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies (CROSS) is an European project (co-funded by the CIP programme, contract no. ICT PSP 325141), which is proving new ways to organize Social Services in the cities of Rome, Turin, Manchester and Seville. CROSS brings to the conference experiences made in three years on co-production of services, citizen empowerment and eco-system governance. The wealth of collected data can be a valuable contribution to evidence-based policy making in the sector.

The invited talks will elaborate on the relationship between the policy making in EU and some of the most advanced initiatives in the sector. Expected outcomes will include most relevant trends for the future of public services and welfare in Europe, role of innovators and digital technology.

H 18:30 The CROSS Project, F. Davide, Università Guglielmo Marconi, Roma.
H 18:50 The EP activity on Social services, M. Bresso, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.
H 19:10 Proximity Networks for Elderly, G. Liotta, Università di Tor Vergata, Roma.
H 19:30 Welfare in Turin, E. Tisi, Deputy Major, City of Turin.
H 19:50 Social Services and innovation, E. Barroso Fuentes, Direcion General de Accion Social, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.
H 20:10 Round Table with F. Perossini (City of Turin), J. Herrera (Tecnalia), G. Mazzarelli (Comunità di S.Egidio).
H 20:30 Closure.
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