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Molly's Aunt Em has some great friends.  Jamberry fundraiser going on right now.  Check it out!

I (Vicki) can personally attest to Jamberry.  I am not a consultant, just a customer.  I LOVE their wraps.  Guys, they make a great gift for the woman in your life.  Gals, an amazing manicure that lasts, easily a week plus…this from a mom of seven kids.  Now you can purchase these great wraps AND help Molly!!!!  It's a win-win!

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Check out another fundraiser for sweet Molly.  This one will be held in ROCHESTER, NY on Dec. 20 at Valle Sports.

Sorry for the delay.  Molly and her parents received the results of Molly's MRI on Wednesday.  This is from Julie:

"The report is in.  There was some shrinkage of the tumor from Molly's initial MRI in June. Her swelling went down significantly, which indicates she is still in need of steroids.  Her ventricles are looking much better.  Last week, the MRI showed some issues.

The neurologist feels that Molly may never be able to get off of steroids, which was a disappointment.  We are looking into another option and will make that decision in Tampa with our oncologist.

Honestly, we are thrilled and sad all at once.  Thrilled that the surgery did something, sad that God didn't choose it all to go away. Where to go from here?  We won't decide today. Today we will rejoice we still have Molly with us.

Molly is starting signs of a cold.  We pray it doesn't go any further.  Also, Sam, Clara and Mom start that long drive home to Florida tomorrow.  Mom is not as alert as she was at the start of all this.  So traveling mercies are our prayer.

Thank you for being in this with our family.  We've grown to love our "Molly family."   #prayformolly  

From yesterday:
"Two days of driving…And we made it.  Clara has croup, and Sam is getting over similar.  Mom is simply done after driving thirteen hours today.  But…we are home. :)"   #prayformolly  

As of 4:30 EST, Molly is still in having her MRI. Along with coming out of sedation, this will be a long day. Please keep praying. #prayformolly

Molly has a 3-hr MRI today beginning at noon. She will be sedated. Please pray for all to go well & for her to come out of sedation better than in the past. Peter and Julie will receive the results of this MRI tomorrow, then they will return home to Florida. Pray for good news and grace. Thank you! #prayformolly

Please pray for Molly and her family tonight. For a week, Molly has been without strength on the right side of her body. This results in this art-loving girl to not be able to color, draw, etc. Walking is increasingly difficult, as are stairs. Peter and Julie are disappointed as they were hoping the surgery a few weeks ago would have helped stop the progression. Next Wednesday, they will have results from MRI. Today, Molly has had headaches and vomiting. Please pray for relief, a good night's sleep and a good day tomorrow - which is full of appointments in NYC. Thank you.

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Molly on her way to the hospital for surgery this morning. #prayformolly

Please pray for Molly today as she just went back for what could be a 15 hr surgery. I will post details later. Please, just pray with all you have today!
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