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welcome one welcome all to the most mad community in google. Before you go crazy with wonder there are a few ground rules!

1) no spam posts you will get a warning and the post will be deleted
2) make a character profile before you role play! VERY IMPORTANT you cannot role play until your profile has been made and approved
3) we have a three strike system here!
1st strike: warning
2nd strike: you will be temporarily
banned from the community
3rd strike: a permanent ban! Let's
not get there shall we?
4) most important rule of all have fun! This community was made for those who love wonderland! So go mad has some fun! Make no sense at all if you'd like! Feel free to go MAD
5) do not ask to be moderator. You have to earn it or I will promote you because I want to
6) moderators! You can approve profiles but you need to notify me before banning and give me a reason why as well as how many strikes that person has!

Basic profile template:
Race (has to be that of wonderland)
Family (tag any family members here)
Powers/Abilities (don't make yourself too op. Nobody likes a godmoder)
Picture (not optional)

Looking for a staff member? Well they might be over here.... Or over there... Maybe that way.... Possibly this way...

The Cat and the Hat

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