IMPORTANT!! Latuda may be poison to multiples! One of the littles in a system I know just admitted to hiding their Latuda from the others because it prevents the littles from fronting or communicating inside. I promptly hid it again myself. After some discussion with the bigs, I discovered that they were misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizo affective disorder rather than recognized as multiple. Their treatment team never listened to any concerns they had about Latuda. I'm going to help them find a new treatment team that will actually listen to them.

THIS is why healthcare professionals need to listen to their patients. Too many will talk over concerns like this and then they end up coercing patients into being poisoned.

I'm the host for a multiple system of two others. One is a gay punk rocker(Alec) and the other is a kitten (Kizzy). Its a weird system but it all works out.

I wish to (perhaps) (fruitlessly) ask.
How many of us exist on multiple planes of existence? I know I/We do on at least 12.

Are there any thoughts here?

So far, the only other member already knows me, but for those who come later, I'll introduce myself. I'm an ally and know several multiple systems.

If you'd like to write a post for Publicly Plural about an experience or some thoughts regarding living openly as multiple, this is one way to submit it. Sharing posts from Google Plus is a bit experimental. Your post will appear on the blog as an entry written by me, but the content itself should list your Google Plus account to give credit where it's due. If this appears incorrectly, let me know and I or my headmates will make any necessary corrections.

Hello my Dears,
This is just one of a new design of multiplicity speaking. With good tides and happy welcomes I bid you eve.

Ahem, Elizabeth speaking again, we welcome you to being out, about and in the forefront. Times a change, and so are times like these.

Ahem, just someone else whom is normally in front, but I dislike advertising. We of this rather intricate collection have chosen to try out a few different expressions. So far forefront is our Unity design. (It locks one of us in front and that one bi-locates inside.). This one, forbidden from naming herself, has been learning rather slowly but not unhappily.. To forestall questions, we lock one in front for security. As others say, "We have no wish to be out." ( Our interior replicates the exterior, so we have the Universe within.).

Questions are welcomed, although I/we cannot guarantee sanity.

P.S. +Miakoda Combies​ we acknowledge twin sisters in front now, the rest of us hide now. Peace and be Welcomed.

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