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Hello I'm new here

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Anyone wanna join?

my goodness I don't think I made a profile...

age: 17 38 lol jk
gender: Male
type: Eevee right?
mate: None but looking
sanity: Sane hopefully

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(OML I forgot about this! XD)

Manador and larvidor walked downtown to look around the place.

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copying stuff to +Zoe the eevee lover 100 PC SKITTLE EVERYWHERE
printer makes skittles insanly fast YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY XD 

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Name: Nameless
Age: 16
Type: Normal Gallade
Sanity: 15%
Gender: Male
Trainer: None
Mate: None
Synopsis: ... (Just gives a serious look)
Personality: Kind, serious, a gentleman, sometimes stubborn, great on battle

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i dont smoke that is just a... POCKY stick yeah just a pocky stick
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