Hey so I have a question would I be able to use this on my Xbox only having the subscription and not the Box

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So you now have the greatest media center software in the world! Now what?

It doesn't mean much if you can't stream consistently.

If your network stutters, drops out, and slows down, and you DON'T own your cable modem, save yourself an average of $100 per year and improve your network's performance in one move--BUY YOUR OWN! Never have to worry about slow Internet speeds, dropped signals, or streaming hesitations again! Pays for itself, on average, in the first year! Works with EVERY cable Internet provider!


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When you gotta have cable, but hate getting gouged!

Instead of renting their cable boxes, own your own! Combining our CableCARD tuner with Kodi, you can save almost $700 per year on cable box rental fees! Purchase our tuners and keep the necessity of your cable subscription intact without spending too much. Each unit pays for itself in the FIRST month!


Ive got a HDHR4-2DT for sale working on UK DVB-T.

Hello Everyone . I just got my HDhomerun prime.
Cant wait to get it up and running.

Does the model with hardware transcoding have surround sound output?

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Got 6 months to come up with a solution to cut the cord. The HD homerun prime sounds like a viable option. Zero of my 7 tv's are network ready. Looking at blu-ray players to fill this void. Can anybody suggest one that will stream live tv from the HD homerun prime, play movies from my networked hard drive, and connect to my soon to be built windows media center PC?

If TVs are so smart these days why I have to buy an extender to stream my cable digitally? I'm in the market for a new tv but don't want to buy one yet if there is a way to get the broadcast on the tv on some models that I am not aware of. TV salesmen don't know what I'm talking about when I bring this up.

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Are we any where near Mid-2013?

Back in Jan. SiliconDust announced HDHR4* which would support H.264. 

Did I miss it? 

How will this device play in ChromeCast world? 

These devices look interesting.... just don't want to experience buyers remorse after buying last years model.
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