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This Christmas we had no money, but I purchased Christmas Cards mailed them out and found a way to give to Abused and Neglected Children( The Childrens Receiving Home of Sacramento) this is a place close to my heart since I grew up abused, I found a way to heal and give back. 

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I volunteer my services to our local community disabled or other wise, in order to receive services you must become a member. I have assisted our local community with housing placement, food, medications and much more Each member's needs differ but, one thing alwasy remains the same I let each one know "Your Journey is our Journey" you are never alone 

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the theme of startups is fashionable. Deal with it all: architects, doctors and even hairdressers. Hopefully it will not create a new bubble similar to that of 2001

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The internet has reconfigured existing industries. What new industries the Internet has created in addition to online auctions, markets digital and viral advertising through social networks?

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