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I had 2 S3 scooters, well rebranded to be called Swagtron but both of them broke at the same time after only around 2 years of usage, could it be the battery? One of them has 400km+ on the ODO and it wouldn’t turn on no more and the other has 100km and it would turn on but refuses to charge. Any ideas?

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Got the S5 Pro from YJC Industrial which is the original manufacturer to replace the 2 broken S3s.
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Hey guys? Anyone knows what this symbol means? It doesn't accelerate.

Lost the charger for my S3, any replacements I can buy off Amazon?

Hello guys! I just bought a FLJ S3 Carbon Fiber. My question is how can I fix the wobble in the steering. It has a bit front-back movement. Thank you!

Also, how can i disable the auto start function? If i hit the acceleration pedal a bit it starts going max speed, depending the gear. I really hate this, because I accidentally press it, it start going liek crazy :D

HAs anyone faced similar issue?
The display of my scooter (FLJ s3) suddenly stopped updating information on it (like it displays 15 km/h speed, while the scooter is at rest) and battery level was frozen and the odometer was not changing at all.
More importantly,Today , I couldn't switch it off at all (the power button was only working to toggle between 'dist' and 'odometer' and 'time' etc , but not for shuttingToday,​
the battery died while I was riding and now , even after plugging it in for a while , it doesn't turn on.

Which part u think is not working ?

Hi, I bought the s3 model and the first time I used it outside, the scooter shuts down now and then.
The speed is 24 KM/hour and the distanceeas 9km and alittle less than 50% left.

Anybody know what the issue could be?

Falcon PEV is another Singapore vendor that sells a modified S2 called Zero 2.0. They sells parts, some of them should be compatible with S3. Choose with care!

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Unboxing of the Carboaero 3.0/S3 clone:
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