cb_a20_android42_v1.05_8192cu-ddr432-en_US.img  alguém tem esse download poderia deixa disponível?

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And maybe ExaGear Soft?)

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Is there any way to prevent nand corruption when you run linux or android from sdcard on cubietruck?

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Is there someone that could explain how to activate the integrated touch controller in A20 with Android? I'm compiling the kernel 3.4.39 with sources downloaded from Cubieboard.org should i enable any module?

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Got stuck in here while compiling 4.2 for cubietruck anyhelp is appreciated... thank you

Fastboot doesn't work for cubietruck only adb any help? i'm running debian jessie 64bit thank you in advance !

I am trying to compile Android 4.2 using cubieboard source.. http://dl.cubieboard.org/software/a20-cubieboard/android/v2.0_A20_android_source.tar.gz

Does cubietech has github with all the sources so i can keep it up to date instead of downloading 3.7 GB again when new source release?
like in openbox ICS 4.0 is available in github

I'm compiling for Cubietruck... wish me luck! :D thanks
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