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Algum sistema operacional novo para cubieboard 2?
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Hi, i can't find "gpio-ctrl" binary. Link to ubuntuonein this article is broken. Anyone ?
We use the gpio control code and library file to compilation the Executable file named gpio-ctrl. At frist you should download the gpio-ctrl: After downloading, connect CB by USB and open Terminal, open the Directory which you download: ...
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Yeah. Ubuntone service is turned off about year ago.

Try to search any info on cubieforums.
for example.
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Hello everyone what better image of cubieboard 2 ?
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Complicado mestre o Cubieboard 2 não tem muita opções de distro.
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Eltechs today launched new version of ExaGear Desktop - software that allow to run x86 apps on ARM.
The main change is support all models of Raspberry Pi devices and support a couple of new guest images including Ubuntu 14.04, Debian and Raspbian.
With new performance improvements, the software is 5 to 10 percent faster, or about five times faster than QEMU. In addition, the new version now enables guest applications to use the host’s PulseAudio sound server.
New version under launch 33%-50% discount now.

Eltechs ExaGear Desktop:
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cubieboard4, not one operating system available for this device? what good is it? do people frame it hang it on the wall? why does the cubie site offer os for every version of cb but 4??
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Pete B.
+Mat Oldaker It is similar with me...

I'm still trying to tinker a small home server solution, unfortunately I do´nt have time
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Mika Do

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Sup guys! 
Someone can share a CubiBoard V2 Ubuntu Core 14.04?
Or bette tell how i can make it ?
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Mika Do
look at this to try to build your own img :,472.0.html
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Hi guys!
What happened with the site.
I can not open it.
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Honestly i love cubieboard but i feel abandoned talking about linux - android update support, so i'm moving to other SBC odroid c1 bigger community and support, wish you guys good luck.
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You should try the irc chat, 300 members, logged in, and not one person active, it just sits there a dead room.
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3700 member community ! 
Cubieboard. Welcome to the Cubieboard Discussion Group/Forum. Have questions before/after you get the Cubieboard? You can check the FAQs HERE · View topics in all categories. Ordering and shipping. Before buying · Shipping. Using cubieboard. Setting up · New to Linux · Troubleshooting ...
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cubieboard are available now.
Shenzhen, China
Hello everyone,
i have CC-A80 (Cubieboard 4), on it runs a Ubuntu-linaro-server V.2(ubuntu 14.04).
I can't use "apt-get update".
Can anybody help me to solve the problem?
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Merge your repositories.
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Ya casi nadie habla de la CB A20
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Cb2 è un vecchio prodotto, mancano aggiornamenti al software, manca una vera comunità, mancano forum in divese lingue, in passato cb2 era una grande alternativa a raspberry ma adesso no
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I was hoping to replace my aging desktop (zotac, 1.6ghz atom running XP) with some thing like this. tried out the rpi-b but it was just to slow, my pc is only used for facebook, youtube, general surfing, email and web browsing. also printing/scanning. would the cubieboard4 be practical? is there a repository for the available apps for the cubie4/linux distro? like gnucash and openoffice
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+Dale Humphrey A80? From AllWinner? I did no research but am skeptical.
Devices are classified by Integrated Circuits they are build upon, "chips" (SoCs and controllers, in this case), not by manufacturer of the boards.
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any one know where to get os images for cb4?
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Hi guys.
The site is now not available, may be anybody can help me?
I really need help.
Very, very need the image cb2-dvk-sdcard-ubuntu-desktop-lcd-ctp-lvds-1024x600-v1.1.img.7z
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Hello guys, what do you do if you had 3 LAN port,  2 Wi-FI modules and 6 USB ports on your cubieboard?
This is the premoboard goal, one board that expand easily cubieboard interface, read more in the link bellow.
Configuration Manual. - compatibility. - flexibilirty. - scalability. - hackability. Configuration Manual. Mobile Use. Discover now all the FAQS! take a tour. About Premoboard. FAQ · Performances. Contact. write me. IRC: server freenode - Channel #premoboard ...
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Dear friends,
I have the following question about our favorite Cubieboard 2.
I need to connect to the CB2 additional peripherals that I made myself.
I am using the standard UART interface for communication between my devices.
Help connect more than one device to CB2.
I did able connect to ttyS0 but I need to connect another one (at least another one device).
I know and I can edit fex file. 
I used to experiment various versions OS *NIX (Lubuntu, Cubiuntu, Cubien).
I have all the documentation and the scheme of the CB2.
But I couldn't get configured the CB2 to create more than one UART port.
Anybody did it? Can it be done?
Thanks a lot for the help.
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Do you want change colors for user and root in terminal?
Check it.
#terminal   #linux   #bashrc  
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