[Please fill this out before requesting to join!]

Name: (Full first and last name please)

Nicknames: (Optional, whatever other people call them)

Age: (The age range is from 14-19. no damn 1000 years old)

Gender: (Feel free to put whatever, all genders allowed! Male, female, agender, etc.)

DOB: (Their birthday)

Height: (Fairly simple, the height of your character)

Weight: (Be realistic with this; if someone is buff they cant be light, etc. Search for average height-weight charts for accuracy)

Nationality: (Where does your character come from?)

Species: (what kind of creature is your character? human, ghost, vampire, mummy, etc. if you choose something mythical we will ask you to change, these are monsters you goof)

Powers: (please don't put anything over-powered, your character is still a teen and isn't powerful enough to claim such powers. just do minor things or we will ask you change it)

Skills: (What is your character good at?)

Hobbies: (What does your character like to do?)

Dorm: (Which dorm does your character go to? Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Human, etc.)

Sexuality: (Optional - feel free to choose whichever sexuality)

Inerests: (what your characters likes in a person- and for the love of Satan don't put big boobers or anything nasty, we want to keep this group PG13. thanks)

Status: (is your character taken, have a crush, or just plain single?)

Personality: (Make sure your character has some good traits and bad traits. No one is perfect!)
[ + ]
[ - ]

History: (There is no limit, however, we are judging based on creativity and character development; if you add almost nothing that will lower your chances from joining)

Likes:(fairly obvious, what do they like and dislike?)

Quotes: (Whatever your character usually says; either towards someone or in general)

Skills and Flaws : (write down the areas that your character is good at and the area that they are bad at)
[+ Skills]
[- Flaws]

Extras: (any other points you want to say about your character?)

RP INFO: (anything like formats and styles that you want to mention)

[Please add a picture of your character, so everyone can get the main idea on what your character looks like, if you are a monster please find a decent looking picture of what monster you are- remember no angels, reapers, dragons (unless in human form), Cat humans (or Nekos whatever you call them), Tokyo ghoul (for reals dude, be original), faeries, etc. THINK MONSTER]


Here are some Monsters you can make your character to be, if you have a suggestion for a monster, please don't be shy to comment

Vampire: [5 open spots]

Werewolf: [5 open spots]

Ghost: [5 open spots]

Demon: [5 open spots]

Dragon (human form only): [5 open spots]

Sea creature: [5 open spots]

Mummy: [5 open spots]



/No fighting or back talking with the Owner/Mod(s), in result you will be kicked

/Be respectful to other members in the group! If they are doing anything that is ticking you off or annoying you, please report to the Owner/Mod(s) that they can deal with the issue without creating drama.

/No rp chasing, force shipping, or anything that will
make others uncomfortable. RP chasing is to chase after someone for RP even though they are indicating they do not want to participate in RP. If anyone is falling victim of such issue, contact the Owner/Mod(s) that the Owner/Mod(s) can make the proper actions.

/No God modding, such as controlling the others character. that's a big no-no!

/Please no text talk like these; brb, g2g ttyl, y, r, wyd etc. (unless its private with your rp partner)

/Make sure you are posting in the right categories, we want things nice and tidy

/Don't create drama for stupid reasons. If anything, do not just randomly attack others if you have a problem with someone. Come to the Owner/Mod(s), the Owner/Mod(s) will handle it.

/Violating anyone's rights or personal rules will result with you being kicked out for being damn disrespectful.

/People will have three warning and then they will be kicked out, so please be careful of your actions! After you use up two of your warnings, the next time you do something that makes the group uncomfortable will result with you having to leave the group.

/There is five spots per monster group, once the spots get filled, its closed.

/Please don't beg for a extra spot in a monster group, we don't want to have 50 or so vampires or something all over the community, it kills the fun.

/No OP (Over-powered) characters! yes, they are monsters but they are in training and still young. If you will make a OP character we'll discuss and help you limit it down to get approved

/No NSFW/SMUT pictures for a profile pic, we want to keep this group PG13 (there might be younger ones y'know)

/No SMUT rp or anything 18R keep it clean. Kisses are allowed but anything that gets very inappropriate, please do it privately, or you will be warned (on your second warning you will be kicked)

/No spam please, we want to keep this community clean and only used for rp

/Be active, if you are not in a month you will be removed. if you going to be inactive please tell the Owner/Mod(s) so we won't remove ya!

/Don't ask to be a mod. The owner will see if you are a very trust worthy person, or give it time and we'll see if you will be a mod

/Three warnings 1=get kicked out but will be let back in 2=get kicked out for a week and let back in 3= you will be banned from the community
Anyone who trolls, insults or anything else will be banned
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