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Looks like L has a crush! :)

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Do you agree?
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The human version of Ryuk. Isn't he just attractive?

Is this active? I'm looking for a good rp.

Why is this community inactive?

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Name: Vexon
Nickname: V
Gender: male
Age: unknown

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Name: Nova

Age: 15

Gender: female

Personally: quiet, caring, nice, and tomboy

species: Human

Likes: video games, food, friends, and family

Dislikes: being fooled, school, killings, and deaths, the dark, and being alone

bio: when i was little my parents was homeless, they have to steal to survive and keep me alive, but later on they died from a heart attack, leaving me in a box where i slept, my parents bodies were by the box lifeless, i cried and cried, 15 years went by i learn to survive on my own i steal money to get food, and drink, i invade houses, and i own a pistol, im not afraid of anything 

(open RP)
A teen walks down the dark streets with a dark blue cape on, the hood covering her hair and her ying and yang mask hiding her face

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(i hope this is okay)
name: Akiza kizzami
known as/detective name: AKI
info:she works as a detective in the kira case and hates what he's doing with a burning passion 
personalty:acts emotionless, cold, blunt, sarcastic,bipolar,smart
Location:was born and raised in japan. she went to the uk for a year then to the us for 4 months. but now she is back in japan. 
Likes:sweet food,books,music,birds,wolfs,the darkness and the light, writing.
Dislikes:sour food, traitors,people(as in being with crowds) 
 Bio: unknown
outfit: black jacket,white top,dark leggings,black combat boots, dark blue hooded cape. black choker with a red and white bow in hair.
looks: dark brown short hair, dark blue eyes

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Name: Scaruk Prince

Species: Shinigami Demoniac

Rank: king of all the gods, universal god, god life is death

Age: Unknown 

Height: 1.95 M Variable  -can than 2:50 M, but to be among humans must change its height-

Weight: unknown levite almost always do not slide down their wings is comfort

Personality: Cold, proud, brave, honest, funny, loyal, strong, kind, defensive, friendly (with those who deserve it), passionate, ready to help (who wants), instinctive, a little 'hot head, a'  little 'associale when there a lot of people

Appearance: a gigantic black feathered wings that can be used as weapons by becoming the sides of the feathers in adamantide, in a long black tail similar to that of the Panthers, hair are white with shades of silver, a year 'hairstyle that shoots to' back, the eyes are of a color is amethyst are cut like a demon / dragon,
He canines well defined is far that if damaged recreating, in a well-sculpted muscles is visible.
Her gown consists of a big long black cloak is touching the ground a bit worn down with two large parallel cuts from where they spend their wings, usually wearing a T-shirt-sleeved shirt made of dragon scales of black, the T-shirt is fitting in a way that shows the muscles sculpted V-neck with a high collar that comes under the jaw, on shoulders is behind the collar There are many black feathers of various sizes scattered in bulk.
A pants also in black dragon scales where life on the right side are attached chains that connect behind, normally she wears amphibians blacks with the sides of the soles of the teeth silver, or black shoes always with teeth of sides of the soles.

Being the 'union of life is death can revive the dead without them suffer traumas of any kind in the future is in excellent condition,
Demon infallible,
Amazing Shinigami,
is not bound by any rules, the law is block,
It can be seen without someone touches his Demonic Death Note,
It can kill without Death Note Demoniac,
but not to master wanders aimlessly,
Can create from nothing demonic weapons from 'dark power to be used as an alternative to His weapons or for others, the weapons created for others disappear after the' use,
if forced can free His Dark side to become a giant monstrous god of Death featured demonic willing to destroy everything he has in his path,
Can change his appearance is his property at will, 
Majority of the skills' to be discovered were blocked Because dangerous...

Weapons :

Death Note Demoniac : book big sized, leather-covered dragon black, silver corners, by binding sprout teeth in silver to create a mouth, on the cover has set a big old crucifix with a skull, this book is not affected by any law, rule block.
But in this book of rules that can not sotrarsi namely:

• the Death Note Demoniac can only be used by its owner, or the Shinigami Demonic Scaruk Prince (I) is from no other.

• Anyone who comes into possession of the Death Note Demoniac not being its master, it will be to devour the 'soul.

• The Death Note Demoniac as living part is devoted to the Shinigami Demonic his master, as its creator.

• The Death Note Demoniac obey every order of his master

Zanpakuto Kazeshini

Examples of weapons that can be created

Sickle demonic falx cerebri from the large long serrated blade, equipped with eyes, it is able to imprison the souls of any type to the intent to use their 'ability

Katane Demoniac Katana is very long possessed by a dark power, it is Enlarged to destroy everything

Likes: The Lotte (for which he has a natural disposition), the blood, the souls, the adventures, the 'dark, freedom, cold, the flight, to a dependence on raw meat and apple, create all  what you think is imagine, make friends (depending on who's in front), have fun, is intrigued by the world of humans as they are interesting creatures, can see is to communicate with the creatures that humans even imagine.

Dislikes: when someone tries to impose itself, the sun, who gives him a wrong, the bullies, the double-sided, liars, bullies, the loud noise, bored, staying in crowded places, be obliged to do something  He wants, but especially WHEN SOMEONE  TAKE HIS DEATH NOTE DEMONIAC

Bio:  I am a prince without a kingdom, forced to live among humans in a world that is not mine ....
I do not remember how my people are dead ...
At one point the King of the Shinigami from his world saw something special in me so I invite you into his world is I accepted, Discover anchio my potential held the position of Shinigami addiferenza but others remain excused from following their laws,  time step of the world of the Shinigami that human

But through it all I search for other Demons, Angels Shinigami is similar to me or that I understand ...
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