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It's finally out!

Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells can now be acquired both in Print and in PDF!

SS&SS is a rules-light sword and sorcery role playing game with a strong old school influence but with its own system (that is not a simulation of a previous edition of the original fantasy game).

It's a complete RPG in only 48 pages, and that does include a great referee's tool, the Adventure Idea Generator!

Get it now in PDF (PWYW):

Get it now in Print (U$ 9.99) on Lulu:

Get it now in Print (U$ 9.99) RPGNow:

We also have some great 3rd Party additions to the game!

Hard Luck Ink published material for their weird science-fantasy setting Shattered Moon Sundered Earth -

So, should all classes be allowed to pick locks (assuming they have thieves' tools) by making an ability check or is this reserved for specialists? Just curious how you all play it....

Hello, loving the game but where do i find a item's usage die?

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Making some spot art for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells - Addendum book!

And... while I wait for the revised text to start lay out, I am starting to write the next book: Antellius - A World of Warlocks and Barbarians!

So you want to learn about the secrets of our world and beyond? You’ve come to the right place. The Order of Chroniclers holds the most extensive library in our world, containing many answers but, more importantly, much more questions.

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Work is progressing with Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells - Addendum book.

Almost done with artwork pieces and text is going through revision/editing and stuff.

Layout should begin shortly!

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Artwork for the Insanity Rules of the Addendum!

Expect more previews soon!

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"It is said that the extensive library inside the Order of Chroniclers in Mezzanthia holds all the tomes ever written in this world and others. But that is a lie. There are many volumes hidden in ancient citadels, forgotten temples, forbidden tombs and other strange places that possess secrets and mysteries capable of changing not only the course of history but also the very laws of our reality."

Working on this book this month! Finishing some artwork, buying others, receiving some collaborations from friends...

As with the Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells book, it's going to be Pay What You Want!

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Just downloaded Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, thesis the game I have been looking for! You've taken my favorite parts of my favorite games and put them together.

I'm considering using the Hit Point system from Crypts and Things. In a short characters have HP like normal but this represents superficial damage and fatigue. When HP runs out you lose Con points. Con represents real physical possibly permanent damage. HP can be recovered quicker, by resting, or even having a strong drink. Con damage takes serious rest or magic to recover. 

I've really enjoyed reading through this system, it's definitely my favourite game that's descended from The Black Hack, and I hope to have a chance to run it soon. I have two questions though:

1. I don't get why there's rules for Pushing the Roll in addition to the Luck Die. The two ideas are very similar, and there's not much guidance on how the latter works. Have people tried playing with just one of the two mechanics?

2. I would love to simplify the game to only use d6 and d20. Obviously the Usage Die would have to go, weapon damage would have to be something like "worst
of 2d6", "1d6", "best of 2d6". Do people have any ideas on how to implement a usage die-like mechanic with only d6? Am I missing anything else that's key to the robustness of the system?

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We had our first SS&SS session Sunday. Seemed to go great and the system was well received.
The first adventure found our heroes floating down the God River toward the Yellow City (using Yoon-Suin), when they run across an ancient temple to the Ape god Onu. The delve ended with Luna Two Moons and crew performing the ritual to return Onu to his home plane thereby gaining a new patron.

I did have one rule question. If one uses the Summoning spell to summon a creature what stats are used? I just treated it like a character and quickly rolled up some stats. It worked in the short term but I get the feeling that's now how its supposed to go. Any ideas?
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