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SOLAR BLADES & COSMIC SPELLS is a Heavy Metal Science Fantasy old-school RPG inspired by pulp literature, metal hurlant and science fiction movies! #GetCosmic!

Standard Edition:

Variant Cover:


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I wrote a landmark on a sandbox cenario I'm currently developing but I tought other people might find use for it right away:

Hangman’s tree. A lone and wretched tree, growing from a stony slab. Only the worst criminals were hanged from this tree, as dying without touching the soil is seen as a taboo among the clanspeople. Those passing an Intellect test after examining the etchings on the trunk will notice they are actually arrows pointing to the stone slab. If someone decides to inspect under the slab, they must pass an Agility test or be crushed by the falling rock, moved by the combined force of will and malice of all the hanged criminals (8d6 damage).

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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells new proofs arrived and they look great! We will finally release it on DriveThruRPG after the site is up again! Backers will get the cupons on their e-mail!

Hi +Diogo Nogueira

I'm planning to make a translation for my kid players of SS&SS at home. It is not a full translation of the book of course, just the core mechanics and rules that are required for play(ers) at the table. Do you mind if I share it with the Hungarian Dungeons & Dragons Facebook community? Of course, your name and credits and the link to the drivethru page of SS&SS is in the document at the beginning. If you want, I can upload it here as well, however, I hardly think many in the group understand Hungarian. :)

Thanks for your response!

Hello, guys. I'm preparing a lot of stuff to begin a hexcrawl campaign in my own setting. I've already restructured traveling rules and retainers & specialized services (from Rules Cyclopedia). Now, I'm going north with strongholds & domains rules from RC to SS&SS. On RC, Name Level characters can build a stronghold (9th level or 8th level for halflings). On SS&SS, would be an equivalent character level for Name Level RC rules?

Other question: how do you, guys, roll surprise checks at your tables? I was thinking about a little table of modifiers and asking 1d6 roll. 1-2 is surprised. As normal, I guess.

Anyway, thank you all. If you want to see things I've changed from RC to SS&SS to run a medieval fantasy hexcrawl game (with no clerics!), I can post it here later. See ya.

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A friend of mine has come up with a cool way to start a game using the Adventure Title Generator and make the players do all the work. His name is Filipe “Pep” and he calls this the “I Know What You Did Last Adventure” method!

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Proofs arrived! They look good! They are going to be released soon and backers will get their coupons shortly!

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is coming to your table! Heavy Metal Science Fantasy with a streamlined system and Old School spirit!
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Has anyone converted SS&SS so that the players do all the dice rolling? As a GM, I have enjoyed that in other games and it doesn't seem like it would be too hard to simply have the players roll under.
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