Puts various sweet foods in a pentagram in an attempt to resurrect +Gem Dragon

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My turn for Profile stuff I guess

Name: Janson
Gender: Male
Species: Gabite
Moves: Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Protect (Weak in actual combat, he's just here for the ladies~... and the men. He won't admit that part.)
Personality: Extremely flirtacious, extremely perverse, and a giant Polyamorous mess but overall a nice person when he's not trying to hit on you. He's quite lazy to add on top of that, and his hair brained schemes to reduce effort often fail. Miserably. He's not very smart.
Kinda like a wannabe womanizer.
Bio: Descended from a line of purebred Garchomps (one fact he's never hesitant to mention), Janson has full belief that he's destined to be someone in the world, whether that's in infamy or in renown, we're not too sure just yet. He joined Team Comet after he had to get rescued after he severely overestimated his own strength, and got trapped in a dungeon, deciding that for all his style, he'd probably need someone with actual combat skill to help him gain that fame.

So the plan is a Gabite with contest moves who's really terrible at fighting but he does it all for the same reason my actual Sona does it and like it's just for show
I'm talking full beauty moves and a blue scarf so he looks fancy as hell but he isn't an actual special attacker

So far this includes
+Verlex Somium
+Wavelength, Risen From The Void
+Sleeping Lullaby

We need to reboot the community! If you can tell ur followers about this. The more the better. Get your profiles up as soon as you can. Also, i think we should do most of our RP in hangouts. Its more efficient.

Alright so I've made up what AJ is like, we should put our full bios and such in here.

Name: AJ
Species: Arcanine (Level 30)
Moves: Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Blast Burn
Personality: Excitable, happy-go-lucky, cheerful, protective, somewhat naive
Likes: Lava rocks, hanging around friends, noming on foodz, her grey hat
Dislikes: Fights, spicy food, winter, rain
Bio: She will do anything to keep everyone safe, she never knew her parents so she told herself to be like a good partner. She's a major softy but if you hurt someone innocent or hurt her partners you'll burn! Oh and never steal her hat.

((I may add more later and I'm making a ref of her too))

Beep beep your Arcanine child has arrived! spins and poses

Oookkk, anyone who is still interested in the RP please comment


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Hey members of team comet... I was thinking to celebrate the up coming release of Sun and Moon we could renew the team.

Maybe get new pokemon ocs as the main characters of the group and restart the story line!
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Jesus its a shame this community died
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