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[WE SUPPORT SUJU- 2º Movement ( SJ’s 11th anniversary)
We came up with the 2nd We Support SUJU movement for their 11th anniversary. In this project we aim to raise Sorry Sorry and Bonamana's views to 100M as we already did for Mr. Simple. During this period, please try to watch the other MVs at least 5 to 10 times every day. It doesn't seem much but it is. Bit by bit we'll get there. If everyone joins to this project, we'll be able to achieve it. The views will raise gradually. Let's keep supporting SJ and the member's solos. SJ will be together again soon.
We'll check in the views monthly. And, please, let's not forget to support all the members and their solos as well. Thanks :)

How to raise the views?
Log out of Youtube
1) Open an incognito or private window
3) search the MV
4) choose smtown's official video
5) do not skip the ads
6) let the mv plays until the end
7) Do not pause it
8) Do not turn off the audio on Youtube
9) After the MV plays, close the window
10) keep doing the same process multiple times and watch different videos

* it can be done with other SJ MV's
Wacth those links:
-Bonamana -Sorry Sorry -No Other
-Sexy Free & Single
And more....
-Henry ~Trap
-Zhoumi ~ Rewind
-Kyuhyun ~At Gwangwamun
-A Million Pieces
-RyeWook ~The Little Prince
-Heechul ~Narcissus
-Yesung~ Here I Am
And more….

What is Project We Support SuJu:

Cr.:@sjworld(requirements on how to raise the views)

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PROJECT: WE SUPPORT SUJU -1st wave Ryeowook 

The first movement on our project is to support our Ryeowook, that is promoting at the moment his solo release, 'The Little Prince', which didn't win any award until now. During this marathon, we are hoping that we can get a huge amount of views, and meantime, voting on musical shows as well, in order for him to win at least once during this week.

Like this one, there will be many other movements.

So from today (06/02/16), the Brazilian ELF have done a marathon that started at 7:00pm and ended at 10:45pm local time. During that time, we used our banners to promote our project and fulfill our objective: Raising views for 'The Little Prince' MV, as well to raise the percentage of votes on music shows, mostly M Countdown. At 7:00pm, we had 1.493.413 views, and by 10:45, the number of views was on 1.505.567. The percentage on voting raised too. This is the first wave on our project. We are making Ryeowook our top priority, because his promotions are close to end. But remember th


Hi, could you help with views of the MV of SJ and also the others member's solos? And we can't forget about supporting them in polls, hashtags. If you have twitter account, fanbase, friends that own fanbases, etc.....Promote them.
We will demonstrate more support towards Super Junior. Hum, I'm not saying that we don't love them anymore, but lost our union in supporting them as much as we can for them to win awards and to show that the Everlasting Friends are still here to cheer up for them.

I'm thinking about making a hashtag, creating new ideas and call as many ELF's as I can to help us. To spread and share, show our power.
Making marathons...All that we can!!!
Raising views for the mv's on youtube and other sites, as also commenting....etc. If each and every person does its part, together we can do it.

I am thinking of creating new ideas/mini-proJects to support them but I need the help of as many ELFs from all countries as we can.


Fighting ELFs! 

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the 10th anniversary of SJ is coming soon. Now is with 99.987.111 views. 
Remember that #MrSimpleTo100Million is still going on and we need your help. Please support ELF and Super Junior! Help us: RT and spread this message. 

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مرحبا بالجميع كيف الحال

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مرحبا انا جديد بالمنتدى ⛳🎎

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الجولة الاولى ب ٥٠٠نقطة
ماهي الكلمة ؟؟الكل يشارك ☺✋

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مرحبا اصدقائي طبعا اني اخو ليلى واحب الكوريين عمري ٢٣سنة ومن اليوم رح العبكم. لعبات حلوة وجديدة اكو ترحيب لي 👏😅

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Lets go ELF.....Missing 1 MILLON #MrSimpleTo100Millon … … GO GO GO

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hi guys how are you^^
i have to say 
i am well be offlione cuz the tests^^ in ma school^^♥
i well miss you guys^^♥
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