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나는 복잡 오랜 기간 동안 한국에서 작업을해야합니다
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I recently tried Nuclear Korean Fire Noodles [핵불닭볶음면]! They are one of the most spiciest Korean foods x( I speak a bit of Korean and a bit of English! Feel free to watch if interested! 


hi ml moon sozoo ㅋㅋ

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sushi mukbang with Korean lesson!


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This week, we are on ㄹ, of the Korean alphabet. And ㄹ is for 라면 (ramyeon)! I chose to do ㄹ on 라면, as S. Korea is only the top ramyeon consuming country in the world. The variety of ramyeons available is crazy.

Come join me as I break things down in food language. Currently at the alphabet series.

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I have a slight obsession with mukbangs. See who some of my favorite mukbangers are. Who are yours?

In my Korean alphabet series, I am trying something new and breaking the content down into two separate posts, with the focus on the tutorial being in part 2. Part 1 will focus on the introduction/preview to part 2 to come.
The letter I am at now is ㄹ. And what starts with ㄹ is 라면 (ramyeon). Watch these mukbangers slurp their way into bliss. And you're not human if you're not left craving some.

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In week 2 of my "Korean 101 for foodies" series, we cover "ㄴ", the second consonant of the Korean alphabet. And do you know what starts with "ㄴ"?

냉면!! I know it's winter (with winter weather) in many places right now. But if you're like me, you are loving 냉면 all year round.
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