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The Beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
B.B King

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Psychology Summer Internship 2018
Clinical and Counselling Psychology Internship 2018

Internship is a key to success. Enhance Your Skills this Summer
Unique Institute Of Behavioural Sciences is a platform to grow your skills

Click for Internship Details
Feel free to Connect- 9899375790

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#1 Psychologist in Chandigarh, North India - Ishh Guidance

Educational Psychology

#Educational #Psychology is the study of how people learn. It also addresses issues like individual differences, the educational process, special learners and #learning #difficulties. The goal is to help children with problems within the educational context to enhance and maximize their learning. Typical challenges may range from social to emotional problems to learning difficulties. We, as #psychologists, may collaborate with individuals, families, teachers or even schools to deliver the desired results.

#EducationalPsychology #learningdifficulties #learningdisabilities

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Hello everyone! I'm a psychologist and I want you help you improve your life! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR FREE CONTENT!
if you are looking to gain the skills needed to fight something painful or overcome an obstacle/ achieve anything in life, using these 5 STEPS WILL HELP YOU!

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Hi Friends,

Β I am associated with an organisation and involved with spreading mental awareness. In the below link you can find details about our small venture. Please do come forward and support us in small way by contributing so that we can reach out to larger numbers soon as the need of hour says so....


hii..anyone can help looking for continue my master in psychology but i dont know which field should be consider..and have good opportunity in future..anyone can suggest me? thanks n advance friends for helpο»Ώ

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