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Hi Friends,
Fitness is an emerging trend now-a-days. From gym to steroids people invest a whole lot of money to gain what is deemed as 'fit' or 'attractive' and obesity fits in neither of the criteria. People gain weight and their lifestyle plays a pivotal role in this. Once gained, it becomes a herculean task to get back in shape.

Today we bring to you an inspirational story of Pulkit, of how he lost 100 lbs in 20 weeks, without gyms, without any pills or surgeries and without any waste of money on any other such slimming product.

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Rusty leaves
Numb , black
silent nights
An autumn in me
Blooms with every dawn


I visited the place, but it seemed
faded next to the postcard
I encountered the author, but
he was shorter than his words
I met the actress, but the lighting
devalued her coinage
I encountered the object of gossip
She contained spacious rooms
ignored in catty accounts
My eyes never could see while
I leaned on them

© Bruce Newman

Memories Still Shine

Many times I look back
and I find.
that the days that have gone -
still shine in my heart.
Memories so bright and precious,
make me long to connect,
with the ones that I miss the most -
that are somewhere up above.
Photos like a silent picture show,
take me for a stroll,
I can see it all like a rolling film,
just like stepping back in time -
to days that were so very precious.
A different time and place,
that won’t come again,
something I wouldn’t have missed -
for anything in the world.
People so dear to me,
some who are still in touch
and others who I miss,
but time goes rolling by,
it always makes me sigh
and the memories that still shine.
They remind us not to forget,
to remember those who were once special,
it brings me such gladness -
that my memories still shine so very bright,

(C) R.Raisters

Now to Forever

Have I yet said that I love you?
If so, what more can I do?
Shall I say how you are single
In my mind and with no others do you mingle,
The place you hold in my heart is yours
And with you there inside it, it soars,
Shall I say how happy you make me?
Shedding light on what I could not see,
Showing me someone deep inside,
Someone that I did not wish to hide,
You bring me resounding gladness
And you chase away my sadness,
I could speak of how much weight
You lift off me and how you create
A whole new strength in my being
Worth every effort I place in believing
How very wonderful you are
And how your passion will carry me forever far,
Shall I speak of love that others only think
And if you venture too far in thought it leaves in a blink
Of an eye, for such is the case of things divine,
But I dare say we have found it, it is yours and mine,
Do you wish me to say how there is no scale
On which to measure my desire for you and that it will never fail?
I could add another artful line
About your face, beauty so fine,
Or one of your heavenly voice
Who calls upon my soul to rejoice...
Over and over again I could say what I mean
How you are the most exquisite thing I have ever seen,
With every power of expression I hold I could say it!
And let you know you own my heart, every little bit,
I say it because I need you to know,
I say it because I need it to show,
Perhaps I have said it a thousand times
Nevermind it, I will say it a thousand more in a thousand new rhymes,
If there be a love not yet spoken to you I will find it
And give it to you so long as you permit,
Even if you do not understand, do not fret
My love, you are the most magnificent person I have ever met,
The love I give is simply the best I have in myself
I would rather give it to you even if ransomed against the world's entire wealth,
What I feel for you, no man can defeat,
And so with that admission, I will forever repeat,
I love you,
I truly do,
Let it be so now
For here, no matter when or how,
Let it be my life's endeavour
To love you now to the ends of forever.

Copyright Zane Austin 2017

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Saunter I have within these lands of hungry ghosts

wondering like a vagabond within its street's,at its Mercy that I have been.
Appeasing it's appetite it's gluttony that I have tryed

but those feeble attempts only lead to
the Conjuring of the ghosts in which I was trying to run from.

that false Refuge the chicanery that duplicity
I allowed to lay in the bed next to me Like a Lover sickened with leprosy

Addiction never will those ghosts stop haunting me

Memoirs from a mad mind written by Sean Thomas Runyon copyright 2017art photography done by Sean Thomas Runyon copyright 2017

I.T.M.O.I.A. for October 16, 2017

The world’s voice
Right now is louder than the voice of God
Very odd?!

The World’s voice speaks of backward things
Confusion and such
It turns up the volume
Uses distraction as a crutch

We must however filter through the nonsense
Turn a deaf ear
Listen for the voice of God
And KNOW He is always there…

God’s voice turns things right
His voice always speaks
Listen to Him today
May His voice be heard this week

© Martin Bryant #hallofpoets


The vastness of the universe
My ignorance

The mystery of grace
My gratitude

Madness of the world
My fear

Shortcomings unfurled
My disappointment

Meteor’s blazing trail
My awe

Great character’s epic fail
My sadness

Popularity of evil fable
My chagrin

Favorite foods on kitchen table
My delight

Satisfaction with my wife
My contentment

Millionth mile of difficult life
My wonder

Disregard for the guileless child
My anger

People with a sense of style
My affirmation

Peace that seeps to bone and marrow
My hope

Persevering on the road that’s narrow
My compass

© Bruce Newman


Illusion, portrait
or just a shadow in the dream,
saw a girl hiding (creating a scene).
eyes though majestic,
conquering all.
hair strangled straight,
believing the fall.

With the late breeze,
the curtain shatters.
eyeing the deceiving veil fall,
the girl utters,
"i've been hiding".

Silence that prevails,
vanishes in the moment,
vanishes in her words.
for the first time,
her voice...echoed.
echoed around, circling the world.

"I've been hiding in your dream,
not to be caught or seen..."
"you created someone, to look after you,
to see through your pain and believe in you."

"I've been hiding..."
it echoed all around,
vanishing all the thoughts,
sane and sound.

Now there was no one,
no one but that peaceful silence,
that sometime consumes.
forever blaming and believing
everything was a mere dream of her.

©Aditya Acharya 2017.

A Song Like You

A song like you is the rhythm of my life
A song like you is as sharp as a knife
It makes me stop and move to your beat
It governs me and tells me when to move my feet,
I am transported into your grace and flow
I am all the sudden part of the grand show,
A song like you is a tune that runs deep
And the chaos you cause inside me is never cheap,
In every verse I am thrown for a loop
At every pace change I jump through another hoop,
Only your sound could penetrate me and break me down
Spin me around and run me out of my hometown,
A song like you makes my heart sway
A song like you stays with me on replay,
My motion becomes one with its licks and tones
It rings so deep in me I feel it in my bones,
It is so profound I can feel no other
It opens my mind to a brand new color
You put me to tears with your soulful lyrics
I love you so much I am in hysterics,
A song like you will never leave my head,
It will stay with me even after we are long dead
Written in some invisible journal
Where our bond extended to the eternal,
Riding off into the black of space in waves
A song like you seals us together with this new path is paves.

Copyright Zane Austin 2017
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