The truth is the missing link.

I would love to have a good conversation about the changes that are taking place in the world. The Mandela Effect is a fascinating phenomenon giving real questions to the existence we find ourselves in.

I don't know that I have any answers beyond anything that anyone else who’s been researching this phenomenon has, but I am determined to explore and I hope to find whatever new information I can. I don't let this interfere in my everyday life per say, but I can't help but think that this is one of the most important events to have happened to us. This has revealed itself to so many. Many of us are now trying to find answers.

I don’t see anything that would suggest CERN as having anything to do with the ME. CERN have made some impressive contributions to our world, such as the world wide web. it's also safe to say that they have come a long way in the research of the Higgs boson, though they still have no real leads into any hard findings that can be proven. It's all philosophy to this point. I do think there are extra dimensions, I just don't think there is any proof that Cern has found ways to actually tap into them. That being said, I cannot completely rule out the possibility that CERN has not in some way messed things up with the collision of particles. However, if it was CERN playing around with the ability to access other dimensions, would the whole of the earth not be experiencing the changes together? Would we have even noticed?

We have people who can remember seven moon landings and those who remember only one! (and that’s not saying that I believe we ever landed on the moon at all). There are so many examples to point to. The one thing I can say with certainty, is that there is so much going on that is totally beyond conventional logic at this point. I keep trying to observe with an open mind.

At first I thought that maybe everything was being done on the premises of distracting people for some bigger agenda. However, after a closer look I realized that when I saw changes to personal items that I have owned for years and know very intimately, this is bigger than some kind of messed up conspiracy.

Through this all, I have come to a new understanding. I now know there is a need to completely strip down everything I have learnt about the way this life is. Even that which has been accepted as “Gospel”. My understanding of the world we are in has changed.

Because we have continued claim our knowledge of what life is as understood (we have no real understanding), we have been leading ourselves down the wrong road. Obviously! We've given ourselves no room to grow except in a direction that would support a foundation that had very little to no real explanation in the first place.

There have been some fascinating discoveries that have gone on to explain some of our questions, but they have never been anything more than a misguided lead. For the “true” nature of the meanings to the discoveries, we need to see only what's there to see and nothing more. “Reality only exists when it's observed”

I don't think that the way forward is anything other way than the way forward. To move forward, everyone who has true desire to find the truth without expectation, needs to accept that anything is possible. It has become evident to me that the way to finding the truth is to be humble, honest with ourselves and open. We need to work together, and we need to remember that there are many people who have been under the veil for so long, they truly can't understand the lie they live. We need to be patient with them and understand that they are very important to the evolution of the truth and even have the ability to bring about a deeper understanding of the path to it.

There is also a sad truth. For a lot of people, there won't be an awakening. You can lead, but to drink is the decision for one to make alone.There is no way to get around it. We need a cleansing and there are going to be some upsetting ways in which that happens. Just remember that when you do need to deal with someone who challenges you, no matter how out of line they become, be proud, but don't feed!!

Understanding comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from truth!! To bad we've buried ourselves in so much deception. Epiphany, at least we are now seeing the world in a under a new light.

I have become increasingly interested in the new understandings of what we are truly seeing when we look up at the stars. There’s so much evidence to suggest that not everything is as it may look to be. I myself have very little to contribute to this in the way of any research that I participated in, but I have seen some very convincing evidence that may suggest we are not seeing what we think we may be seeing.

How do you explain the geographical changes to land locations on earth? I clearly remember it being different! In fact, the changes I’m seeing were the initial reasoning I considered this to be a plot to distract, but as you know I’ve moved on. Could we be living on flat earth? Where did all the new animals living with us come from?

It’s time to awaken from this false force fed reality we're all under. I understand how this one reality can be influenced through perception and how that manifests in our lives. We still have a long way to go. It’s very important for those of us who are finding the way through the dark to not be afraid to show as many people as possible. If what we say comes from the truth, others will see and will start to shift in the same direction.

To prepare and to strengthen your mind, body, soul and will, while teaching what you are able to teach, that's what we should focus on.

Connection to one’s higher self will follow.

I'll Start off by saying that my opinion is that we live in a simulated existence, but that doesn't mean that we are not created and part of a Devin entity.We are in a lucid world. The soul inside of us lives in the real world/realm. We are here for the reasons in which you can only find for yourself. We shall wake up to truth in the right time.
I live as one with my soul! I can see the real world if I let myself. The simulation that IS this world can be as breathtaking and beautiful as it can be dark and dangerous. I enjoy playing with others who enjoy the game as I do. That keeps me wanting to play.
I'm an old soul. I've been on this journey for quite some time. I would not be me without me. I am the reason I exist. However, I do give thanks to the creation!! Fulfilling my mission here will allow me to start the next. I have an understood position of myself.
If it exists, it cannot be wrong. If I want to know, I must look and find! Answers are there!
I can't remember hearing anything about the flat earth talk until the Mandela effect came to light. Yet I would not be surprised if the earth was flat! I see all the evidence that supports that. And with all the other changes we are seeing in and through the Mandela Effect, how could I rule anything out?
Before I go any further let me say that I am a person who has done a lot of travelling and I can clearly remember seeing the curve of the earth. It was something I paid attention to. I can no longer see it. I see the moon taking on a new rotation. Land has been shifting all over the world. I ask myself, "Could it be possible that the earth I knew had a major life altering event? And through a Divine Knowledge of that upcoming event, people started shifting to what we now know is the new earth?"
I believe that this is bigger than anything CERN has the ability to be responsible for. All I can say is that I know with all my heart that this earth is a lot different from the place I grew up calling home. I felt the shift long before I even knew what it all meant. I was standing on the beach in 2008 when this feeling came over me. I said to myself at that time that I just shifted into a different dimension. That's exactly what I felt and thought. I had no idea of what that would mean until the ME was revealed to me.
There are clearly questions to which I don't have the answers to. I will continue to explore the facts. Evidence is not just pointing to a flat earth, but providing proof to it. I would like to know that everything in the world was the way I understood it to be. I hope we are in orbit around the sun! However I don't need any more convincing of the flat earth! I'm sure of both the changes to the earth and of the changes to in the material we use intimately, such as the Bible.
I feel that the creator of this life has in some way been part of the shift. So much still unknown though! And I don't think we have enough evidence to determine how/why yet. That's what I will be looking for. Hoping ever evolving in my quest for the truth.
We are unable to stop anything that's taking place, but maybe we can grow and evolve through this. We have suppressed ourselves for far too long! We have been ignoring the truth. That's why we have not been able to grow as a species past selfish and fake ideals. We think we know it all and except the word of man as the word of God. I think that is the reason for the Bible changing. To show us that it has fault. I am not trying to offend anyone and I only speak for myself.
I can see things for what they are not. Giving me a chance to sort through the years of oppressed spiritual growth by seeing the truth to the lies that we have been told, and through the misunderstood events.We just ignore the deception all around us by crawling into our greed and our denial.
Anyway, I know that we are able to evolve, but I also know that we need to get rid of the bull** to do so. We need to admit that we do not know, except that anything is possible and try to understand as much as we can about this new world we live in. The truth is out there. We can see that now more than ever before. It's up to us to find it.

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Hmm, this is a new interface, yay Google I guess..

16 weeks since my last post. Popped in to moderate and to read any new posts.. haven't seen any?

So my wife and I were listening to one of her favourite video blogs, Realist News (jsnip4 on YouTube) and she stumbled on Joe's John Titor video series from 2013.

For the record, I'm undecided on the authenticity of John Titor.. or John Titors (not that I think his authenticity matters).. but my wife and I were listening to Coast to Coast at the time this all happened and we heard the Time Traveler line calls and some of it was pretty wacked. Think one caller mentioned that he was travelling through the use of illicit substances, and Art being Art he said that he must've been on them right now and he hung up. Gotta love Art..

Anyways, John Titor's story is one of the few that holds some water when you look at it. If it's a hoax, it's a pretty elaborate one. Someone took the time before 1998 to look up Tipler cylinders (, take the time necessary to build mockups of the operators manual ( mockups of the unit ( mounted inside an early 1970's Corvette along with photos supposedly of the future ( that was supposed to have been taken during his training in 2035). And more.

For this purpose, it's all kind of irrelevant because the most interesting thing about the story is that the device, by its stated existence and stated operation, generates alternative timelines.

The operator leaves a future point in time (their present) and travels backwards to 1975 where they buy or get their hands on an IBM 5100 (needed to try and fix the Unix version of the y2k bug ( . Once they arrive, there is now a reality in which they arrive in 1975 and the original timeline where they did not. They interact with engineers of the time which modify the 5100 when the operator lets them know he knows about the secret ability it has to translate between BASIC for system/3 (early PC computer) and APL for system/370 (IBM mainframe language). Because he is now in a timeline where he arrived (as opposed to not) there is now a divergence with the future timeline up to when he left.. so he leaves and does a couple of jumps for personal reasons, reaching 2001 and then jumps home to 2036. The 2036 he arrives at is not the one he left, but the idea is that if an near infinite number of "John Titors" left their starting point and traveled back in time and either arrived or not, either did or not get the 5100, and then did or not leave 1975 to travel back to 2036.. the odds are good that a John Titor would arrive in that 2036 with an IBM 5100 even though it may or may not have been modified to enable the feature.

If you look at it being fiction, it's a fascinating story.. and for it's personally interesting because we heard Titor on Coast to Coast at the time. I kind of almost see the Titor story in the line of Gaimen's American Gods in a way.. sort of an external savior figure who comes from a distant land at a future time to say "Yeah, you're boned.. but you don't all have to be and because I'm here, you might not now all be".

To add to the narrative, in the narrative Titor stated that because he interfered in the past (pre-2000), he may have changed the outcome of Y2K, changing the future and delaying or modifying future events. But in his narrative's timeline, 2004-2008 was an American Civil War, 2015 was WWIII, and 2015-2036 was rebuilding and trying to avoid collapsing an already shaky infrastructure.. hence the need for the time travel incident. Just want to add:"Unix Y2K? That was crap.. there will be no real world impact, I mean, Y2K was just an excuse for tech companies to make money, right?" Okay, check out how the mission for the NASA probe Deep Impact ended (a real world impact):
Contact lost and end of mission
On September 3, 2013, a mission update was posted to the EPOXI mission status website, stating "Communication with the spacecraft was lost some time between August 11 and August 14 ... The last communication was on August 8. ... the team on August 30 determined the cause of the problem. The team is now trying to determine how best to try to recover communication."

On September 10, 2013, a Deep Impact mission status report explained that mission controllers believe the computers on the spacecraft are continuously rebooting themselves and so are unable to issue any commands to the vehicle's thrusters. As a result of this problem, communication with the spacecraft was explained to be more difficult, as the orientation of the vehicle's antennas is unknown. Additionally, the solar panels on the vehicle may no longer be positioned correctly for generating power.

On September 20, 2013, NASA abandoned further attempts to contact the craft. According to A'Hearn, the most probable reason of software malfunction was a Y2K-like problem (at August 11, 2013, 00:38:49, it was 232 of one-tenth seconds from January 1, 2000.
"Basically, it was a Y2K problem, where some software didn't roll over the calendar date correctly," said A'Hearn. The spacecraft's fault-protection software (ironically enough) would have misread any date after August 11, 2013, he said, triggering an endless series of computer reboots aboard Deep Impact.

Despite repeated attempts to send corrective commands, the spacecraft likely lost its bearings and failed to point its solar cell wings toward the sun, A'Hearn said, causing a catastrophic loss of power."

So.. there's one piece that rings true. :)

Anyways, I always found the idea fascinating simply because of the sheer amount of preparation a hoaxer would have to do (and apparently Art Bell got some "physical proof" that is/are likely part of his oddity collection which includes "Art's Parts" [supposedly Roswell crash debris]) and this was all done in 1998-2001 when Windows 95 and then Windows 98 were dominant and Photoshop was v5.0 and then v6.0.

Is Titor real? Does it really matter for the purpose of a narrative? :)

If you're interested in learning more about that story, grab some munchies and then check out Joe's video series below, I've linked it.

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Had a discussion with someone the other day who said that the very concept of time travel would be impossible.  At least not as we define it. Oddly enough, it got me thinking of an old comic I read, The Krypton Chronicles.  They revisited the concept of time travel a few times in these old Superman comics, and I found an image that shows three of the concepts they explored there.  Physical (or astral) time travel, reviewing genetic memories (a form of "listening to the tape" of time), and gathering of light that had left the source of events at the time of the event, and then are concentrated onto a viewer.  Which is what we do when we currently look at the stars.  So, empirically, we do a form of practical "time travel" every night when we look at the stars.. and look across multiple times simultaneously.  I think I win on a technicality.  ;)

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Okay, first impressions of Legends of Tomorrow and how they approach time travel.. mixed bag.

In one episode, Professor Stein goes from having a wedding ring to not to have, but his personal memories of his wife don't go with it.  So the artifacts (ie: wedding ring) disappear with the time line changes, but the memories remain.  The ring disappears when he is on the ship (which to me is a red flag for a time ship), so maybe there is some form of intrinsic memory storage on the ship that hooks in with each person and reuploads original memories back to the person if there are timeline changes?  What happens if a character kills their own earlier analogue in their past timeline before they join the crew?  Do Yakko, Wacko, and Dot simply disappear from existence (as a for instance) and be replaced on the crew by Slappy the Squirrel with everyone (including Slappy) having full knowledge of the existence (and now non-existence) of the Warners?

That's the fine line you have to walk having characters affected by the timeline changes, and actually shouldn't exist in this instance for the writing in the show. Keep in mind, Rip's ultimate goal is to make recruiting the team unnecessary in the first place.  Vandal Savage takes over the world and kills lots of good people, and this is why Rip goes back and recruits the team.  If Vandal Savage never comes to power, then Rip never has the reason to go back and to recruit the team, which means the teams changes to the timeline never happen, which means Vandal Savage rises to power.  In the framework of the show at any rate..

What should be happening is this:  Vandal Savage rises to power, kills lots of people, which forces Rip to go back in time to recruit the team.  As soon as Rip puts his pedal to the metal and hits the time stream, he removes himself from the time stream.  Which means, whether or not Vandal Savage then rises to power/doesn't, the Rip Hunter in the timestream has always entered the timestream at that point in history.  That Rip then goes back and recruits the team, and as soon as they hit the timestream, they are also similarly displaced.  Any changes they make to the timestream popping back into the normal course of history are set when they pop back out again, unless those actions are then modified (by another agency).  So Professor Stein has his ring because he has always had his ring, and earlier analogue Stein having his personal history changed has no bearing on Future Stein, removed from the timestream.  Otherwise, you'll have little to no way to actually make any edits in the timeline because otherwise, as soon as you make a change, it has a bearing on the team themselves.

I think Doctor Who tackles this one better.. (re: )  and I'm hoping to see some thought given to how they worked that episode in Legends.  Besides the nitpicking over how they handle the time travel aspects.. ("insane Soviet scientist?"  Didn't she just have some guy totally abuse her trust?  Maybe she was just heartbroken?) .. so far, the show is interesting.  :)

DC Legends of Tomorrow is hitting the airwaves really soon, which will directly have (as its main theme) someone jumping back in time from his present in order to stop an immortal villain from taking over the world after he actually does.  Of course, having others along means that someone is going to mess with their own personal timeline(s).  So basically, that person is going to suddenly have a memory of their older selves visiting themselves and trying (maybe succeeding) in changing their own history.  Maybe making a villain a hero and changing them being on the team in the first place, causing them not to exist on the team to go back in time to change their own personal history.. at least according to the conventional theories.  Personally, I like the idea that the time ship has its own self contained causality, and would need to if they're going back to the past.  So you could have a villain go back and change their past, and it shouldn't change the history of the person on the ship.  By necessity, I think they'll find they're now displaced people in time, with an analgoue of themselves that has all the timeline changes applied to them.  My initial thoughts on it anyways, we'll see how the show plays it out come third week on January..:)

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Based on the Haakon Urn texts discovered under the Antarctic ice in 1962. The true origins of humanity's pre-history.
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what's up guys i'm new here. I remember berenstein bears, not those STAINed bears. also, I was born in 1980 and vividly remember a Beetlejuice 2 that came out in the early 90's.

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found one - ringo put it out 
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