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Trying to put windows 10 mobile on Lumia 630, didn't go to plan. - Back to 8.1

I been a fan of Windows Phones since they came out. Switched to Android because my carrier at the time didn't carry Windows Phones anymore. Now I'm done with my contact and on a network that requires an unlocked phone. I'm looking​ to get back on Windows Mobile. What would someone recommend for under $200 and doesn't skimp on storage and ram? So tired of Android. Must be able to work in Canada. 

I recently bricked my Lumia & am looking to purchase an windows mobile at the end of the year

My budget is ~$550. Any suggestions?

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Do you want to sell your old mobile ?
Not to worry . you can sell your mobile here
And get Paid with 4 hr :)

Hi All
Is there anyway to sideload a UWP app onto a windows 8.1 mobile?

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