Wanted to let you know that Sage and I have great plans coming up for the Leader's groups here on Google+, so don't give up on us.

We have both had personal stuff to deal with lately, but September will be a strong fresh chapter for us all!



Welcome to two more of the Leader's groups on Google+ +Philippe TREBAUL

I had another health setback, so have not been here for a bit.

Thank goodness that +Sage Bramhall is such an amazing partner in all the projects that we do together!

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How to Crush it With Pinterest
While the article speaks to real estate agents the advice in the article from +Contactually really works for just about any business.

If you are not using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy then you are missing the boat on significant amounts of traffic.

We live in a visual society and Pinterest is all about being visual.

Take a look at the tips in the article and if you find it helpful share it socially.

#pinterest #socialmediatips  

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You all have certainly shown me nothing but kindness and #Family

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#RaspberryTartDay #EmpireKred #FoodFight #TeamBlue throwing over 4000 Tarts today ~ Duck or be prepared to enjoy the tarts! If you are on a team you will receive tarts!

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Please help me share the news about this amazing new ebook available on Amazon.com Thank you!!

This is a Vietnam Veteran's story - a brilliant program that he trained for working in the Air Force.

This was written by a beloved family member.

It costs just $2.99 to download the book to your Kindle Reader on a great number of devices or for your computer.



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My post brought out a number of TSU cyber bullies who have written some ridiculous posts about me today. One of them even created a fake FB profile just to attack me. It is a sick sad community they have there

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For my dear friends abroad:
State of Emergency declared in Turkey tonight, for 3 months across the country.
Due to the law, it could include:
1. Travel restrictions
2. Suspension of education
3. Restrictions on leave time for public employees
4. Ability to seize communications equipment
5. Curfew
6. Stop & frisk policies
7. Restrictions on books, plays, performances
8. Restrictions on freedom of assembly
9. Military excursions
I'm feeling so sorry for my country, for my friends and relatives, especially for all the children.
Thank you all for your kind messages. They all mean a lot...
Let us be in your thoughts and prayers, send us some protecting angels, we gonna need them...
Let's see what future brings...
Love & peace
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