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this was made 3 days ago and already over 1 thousand signatures 

it is time

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I think it would be cool. Wut do u think?
I came up with an idea for a full cartoon team hungergames. Here are the rules and roster:
This is a team hungergames, which means each character has a partner that they can work with, who they can work with to win. If a parter dies, the competitor can still win, but it will be harder when the competitor is alone.
All weapons used regularly by the characters, and basic weapon/tools are scatered in the area of the games, and anyone can take ANYONES weapon if they d
Find it first. (note- the characters probably dont know how to use some competitors weapons)
In the beginning, characters will have to use their regular skills, but they will not have equiped items unless they find them. They will have to use brainpower and brawn if they want to survive early on.
Also, villans from the assorted shows may show up from time to time to interfere with characters.


Star butterfly and marco
Steven universe and connie
Finn and jake
Dipper and Mabel pines
Gumball and Darwin
Mordicai and rigby
Phinias and ferb
Invader zim and gir
Ren and stimpy
Mario and luigi
Tom and jerry
Rick and morty

Special hidden weapons in the area include:
Finns sword
Roses sword
Stars wand
Dimensional scissors (limited areas)
Fire flower
And more assorted weapons

I think this would be great! Now all we need to do is spread the word and find someone to animate it on youtube or write a story about it.

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Immunity Steven shall protect you
Animated Photo

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my amaze character...

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