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Here is a video of our adventure with student owned devices, and the changes that allowed us to make to our learning spaces and ultimately our pedagogy.

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St Mary's Greensborough's Artefact! Videos and Voice over on the way! 

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Two stars and a wish!
Interesting listening to everyone's journey with their research questions over the course of this year.
Some overlaps between schools were evident throughout the sharing part of the day where some valuable connections were made.
One wish: to continue to use the ICON Online Community as a place of collaboration between schools of best practise!
Thanks to Tom and the CEO team for facilitating all our learning together this year!
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Activity slides from the afternoon.
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I enjoyed listening to the presentations of each school and discussing their artefacts

I enjoyed having time to discuss possible actions with other schools

I wish that we were able to visit other schools with one to one devices and see how they work their programs

*1: Time to reflect on our process this year and think about the successes/challenges/next steps for the development of our inquiry as a team

*2: Professional discussions with colleagues - it opened my eyes to some of the ways we could continue to improve as educators 

W: Time to speak within our school and begin to action changes based on the feedback from other schools. Planning time is extremely valuable and it would be great to have time to reflect today on the advice that was given from other schools - and begin the ongoing collaboration process!

Thank you for a great year - this process has been extremely invaluable and has added a great deal to the development of our inquiry and Genius Hour process. Having the time to discuss as a team and implement changes across the level has developed our students and teachers as individuals.

Two stars: 
* Gaining different perspectives from other schools about possibilities to 'attack' a challenge
*  Discovering the similarities between our very different journeys - we are not alone in the process and can support each other further on

# I enjoyed the last session where we worked with mixed groups - working with a member from all schools at the same time. Would be good to do an activity similar to that again - multiple perspectives & experiences on a specific topic. 

two stars
🌟great opportunity to have the conversation with each school, really valuable resourcing and connecting.
🌟interesting to listen to each school's presentation and affirming to present ours - great job Kelli

Wish - wouldn't it be great to spend time in each other's school observing first hand

Wonderful learning experience for our community this year - thanks Tom

Today's gathering:
⭐️ being inspired by the passion and drive of other teachers
⭐️ making connections and looking forward to the sharing ahead
⚡️ to continue working on our areas of challenge and see the difference the input we have had / will receive will make

⭐️ the opportunity to hear others school's stories and ask questions
⭐️ to make connections with other schools where there was a common need or opportunity to learn
🌠 to keep the connection with this community as a learning space in regards to tech, contemporary teaching and learning, design thinking etc
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