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Name: Sors Bandeam
Titles: Darth Ikarax
Gender: male
Race: human cyborg
Weapons: Two lightsabers. Lightsaber pike.
Birth Year: 24BBY
Death Year: 24ABY
Era: Empire
Height: 6 foot (182.88)
Weight: 208 lbs.
Homeworld: Coruscant
Residences: Recovered Munificent-class frigate
Affiliations: Sith, Reverters.
Active eras: Galactic Civil War (rebellion vs empire)
Occupation: Sith
Bio: Ferris Dorimar was a youngling in the Jedi temple who witnessed Darth Vader murder his classmates. He was able to survive by throwing himself out that window on to a passing speeder. After that he went into hiding. One day he snuck back into the Jedi Temple, went to the forbidden vaults and found a Sith Holocron. He opened the holocron and used the dark side to kill many guards in the temple and escaped the temple. He became obsessed with Sith Holocrons and hunted then down. He used them to become more powerful until he claimed the name Darth Ikarax. He went to a place were ships are melted down and stole a Munificent-class frigate that became his home. Using his ship and powers he recruited followers into his army which he named “Reverters” the Reverters’ purpose was to overthrow the empire and take it’s place, and return the Sith order to the way it was pre-rule of two. After s botched assassination attempts on Palpatine, Darth Ikarax was left seriously injured but able to escape. His entire right arm was replaced with a mechanical replacement, along with portions of his leg. His spine was also injured so he had it reinforced with a mechanical implant as well(all his mechanical parts add to his weight). Darth Ikarax now where’s a helmet to hid his scarred face.

Note: Since he disagrees with the rule of two anyone with a Sith character could join him.
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Name: Hunter
Gender: Male
Race: Amaran
Homeworld: Amar
Height: 4 feet
Age: 18
Fur color: Grey
Eye color: Yellow
Weapons: E-11 blaster rifle, thermal detonators
Personality: sly, cunning, yet light-hearted
Bio: Hunter grew up as a simple trader of goods and medicines on his home planet of Amar. He often used his wits through being a con man and cheating to make a living off his trades, more than once getting himself into trouble. Fights over the owner ship and distribution of goods and profits often breaking out. But this lifestyle began to bore Hunter, and he began to hunger for new adventures. Before long he was able to buy his way off Amar and go traveling the galaxy, acting as a thief and smuggler to make a simple living.

More about Amaran on Wookieepedia:

Name: Belyga Jeon
Titles: Captain/Commander/Admiral Jeon
Gender: Female
Race: Bivall
Birth Year: 39 BBY
Death Year: 5 ABY
Height: 5'6" (1.69)
Weight: 83 lbs
Homeworld: Rudrig
Residences: Imperial home on Ralltiir, Victory II Star Destroyer Clairvoyance
Affiliations: Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire
Active Eras: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Occupation: Strategic Analyst, Military Commanding Officer
Personality: While inherently caring, and completely aware of the importance of interpersonal bonds, Belyga's mannerisms often cause her to appear as cold and heartless. Her aptitude and nature as an introverted scholar often led her to not be wholly versed in social customs; while she will say things that indicate her care she will seldom deviate from the vernacular and tone of a cold hearted and logical strategist. Her intelligence and mannerisms do lead her to describing herself as a person who is not emotional, this claim more comes from a product of her failing to understand her own emotions above all else. More often than not, she will attempt to hold her emotions in, and will bury herself in her work to keep her mind busy.
Bio: Born on the Planet Rudrig, and to reasonably wealthy Republic Government workers, Belyga was destined to enrich her mind in the planet's many universities. The fact that she was a Bivall aided in this as well. Her education in her youth focused primarily on history, as it was of particular interest of her, however friends would often suggest she study sociology and Human interaction. This never took off. Her life was largely uneventful until the early days of the Clone Wars, when the planet Rudrig defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. While her friends hardly bothered themselves in the politics of the Galaxy, Belyga and her family were greatly distressed by the news that the planet was falling to the Separatists. Despite some peace, Belyga's family was still often attacked by vocal supporters of the Separatist Alliance. While there were labeled as merely hate crimes, the Republic eventually approved Humanitarian efforts to remove Republic Families from Rudrig. While Belyga's parents were killed in local quarrels, she was rescued by a Clone Battalion and a Republic Captain. Separatist forces attempted to prevent the various people rescued by the Republic from leaving, and Belyga's tactical advice proved to be imperative in the escape. Proving her intelligence, she garnered the attention of the Republic Captain, who retired due to injuries some months later, and recommended that Belyga take his place in the Republic Army.
Following his recommendation, Belyga was put in command of the Republic Cruiser Clairvoyance.
Near the end of the Clone Wars, the Clairvoyance was critically damaged in the Battle of Coruscant. Belyga was given temporary leave while the ship was retrofitted into a Victory Class Star Destroyer; one of the newest vessels at the time. She was promoted to Commander due to her performance in battle.
Numerous encounters during the Clone Wars gave her a rather ferocious distaste for Jedi; their power, their hypocrisy, and their pride. As a result, she was not terribly disturbed when she heard that the Clone Troopers executed all active Jedi. Seeing them win the war, she gladly swore allegiance to the Galactic Empire. She continued to offer their services loyally, even if she regularly questioned the dogma of Admiral (and later Grand Moff) Tarkin.
Following the destruction of the First Death Star, she blamed the Empire's folly on Tarkin's pride, and was determined to use her forces to ensure the Empire survived. Despite her personal disapproval of Operation: Cinder, she remained loyal to the Empire, confident that people such as herself and former Admiral Rae Sloan would heal the Empire's damage from the inside. She became even more hopeful when the Empire was small and easy to influence when they were forced to retreat to Jakku. She faced the Battle of Jakku with pride and eagerness, however, as the New Republic became more and more victorious, her faith was broken. She went down with the Clairvoyance in the final moments of the Battle of Jakku.
Her daughter was ejected from the ship, and continued to work as a double agent for the First Order.

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Name: Darth Zardous
Age: 2,500 years( Due to being encased in Carbonite)
Rank:Sith Warrior
Faction: Sith Empire, Sith Order, The Brotherhood (Leader), The Empire
Weapons: A red doublesaber, Master of Juyo
Attire:Durasteel Sith Armor and Helmet, and a durasteel laced cloak
Force-Sensitivity: High
Race: Zabrak(White)
Era: Old Republic, Sith Wars, Clone Wars,Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Iridonia
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 290 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow
Personality: Intelligent, Cruel, Evil
Bio: Darth Zardous was born an orphan on Iridonia, taken in by Sith recruiters at a young age, to Korriban. es, When The Sith Empire came to power he trained as a Sith Warrior on Korriban using a doublesaber for combat. After graduating from The Sith Academy, he formed his own faction with Zabrak Sith, called the Brotherhood.He has fought in many battles in the Sith Wars on many planets and has laid waste to many with his few hundred The Brotherhood comrades left alive. Therefore he is a dangerous enemy of the Republic, and feared by Jedi the most.
He also has his own personal ship a Porax-38 named Soul-Breaker. He is feared as The Pale Ghost, for he is so fast, that he is nearly unblockable, few can withstand his might. He was captured sometime after the Sith War and encased in carbonite with his Zabrak Warriors. Now freed by The Empire, He hunts down and destroys Jedi, and the Rebellion.

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Name: Tarven Jarko Varad

Nickname: The Pale Ghost

Age: 20 Clone Wars 35 Galactic Civil War

Era: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War

Race: Zabrak (white)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: none

Height 6' 8"

Weight: 245

Mortality: Good

Relationship: Husband of Karen Saran Jarko Varad

Faction: Mandalorian (Clan Varad), Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian Alliance, Republic, Rebel Alliance

Skills: Demolition, Sabatoge, Engineering, Piloting

Weapons: two DL-44s, and a vibro Knife, other weapons custom to Mandalorians (wrist rockets, flamethrower, wrist blaster, grappling hook, etc.)

Armor: Standard Recruit Mandalorian.Armor. (painted black and red)

Homeworld: Iridonia

Bio: Born on Iridonia, Tarven was recruited by Clan Varad at age 16, passing his trials a Mandalorian Warrior, in Clan Varad, he later on gained his own ship which he took to escape Jakku: The Maggeddon a P38-Starfighter. He is a Bounty Hunter. He never knew his parents and had lived alone, He has encountered many near death expierences. (like getting eaten by a Rancor, Tortured by The Tuskens, surviving a ship crash on Jakku nearly dying of thirst.)
Yet he still fights on making allies and friends of other clans, and he even befriended a Wookie named Falg who he saved on Tatooine from a slave trader.
He has never let down his friends, or dishonors his clan. Many underestimate him, until they meet him. Is the Commander of The Armageddon, The Varad Clan flagship Has rank of Aliit' Alor (Clan Leader)


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Darth Kalis
Age: 2,500 years( Due to being encased in Carbonite)
Rank:Sith Warrior
Faction: Sith Empire, Sith Order, The Brotherhood (Leader), The Empire
Weapons: A red doublesaber, Master of Juyo
Attire:Durasteel Sith Armor, and a durasteel laced cloak
Force-Sensitivity: High
Race: Zabrak(Red)
Era: Old Republic, Sith Wars, Clone Wars,Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War, The New Republic
Relationship: Wife of Zardous
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Iridonia
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 290 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow
Personality: Intelligent, Cruel, Evil
Bio: Darth Kalis was born on Iridonia, taken from her parents by force by Sith recruiters at a young age, to Korriban and met Zardous during training. When The Sith Empire came to power she trained as a Sith Warrior on Korriban using a doublesaber for combat. After graduating from The Sith Academy, she formed a faction with Zardous, consisting of other Zabrak Sith, called the Brotherhood. She has has fought in many battles in the Sith Wars on many planets and has laid waste to many with few hundred The Brotherhood comrades left alive. She is a dangerous enemy of the Republic, and feared especially among Jedi.
She also has her own personal ship a Sith Infitrator named Jagged-Blade. She is nicknamed the The Bloodmaiden for Legend says that she killed so may Jedi her skin turned red, few can withstand her attacks and they are usually dead, before they can strike or cut her. She was captured sometime after the Sith War and encased in carbonite with Zardous and the remaining Brotherhood. She has fought in every era with Zardous at her side, The First Order is her latest.

Name: Emily
Nickname: Em
Gender: Female
Race: Twi'-leck
Age: 13
Faction: Resistance
Rank: none
Teacher/Master: none
Parents: Kasha and Jooko(deceased)
Allies: others in Resistance
Weapons: Two blasters pistols, knives hidden on body
Clothing/Armor: Her clothing varies, but she mostly wears crop tops and pants
Height: 5'3-5'4
Skin Color: Blue
Loves: reading, drawing, practicing sharpshooting, chatting with friends, going on small missions, learning to fly from Poe, her Astromech droid BB-20 or B2 for short.
Hates: sitting around doing nothing for the resistance, not able to fly x-wing in battle
Personality: Strong willed, feminine, protective, kind, not very trusting, athletic
Bio: Emily was born on the planet Thune to Kasha and Jooko. When she was 10, her parent joined the resistance. Her dad died a year latter from an explosion in the hull of a transport ship. Now her mom and her help the resistance as much as they can.

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name:sabine wren
Born:3256 LY 21 BBY
Species: Human
Height: 1.7 meters
weight: 52 kilograms
Hair color:Multi-colored
Eye color:Brown
Skin color:Tan
weapons: WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols.
Bounty Hunter
Weapons Expert

bio:she is a young girl with riotously colored Mandalorian armor and a mysterious past, Sheloved to express herself artistically. She saw the galaxy as her canvas everything from her hair and armor to the walls of the Ghost could be improved with bursts of color and an expressive line. She took particular delight in repainting Imperial gear, armor and vehicles, turning drab Imperial equipment into expressions of freedom

she was a cadet at the Academy of Mandalore. She built weapons she believed would be used for peace but were instead used against her family and her people. Wracked with guilt, she left Mandalore and was branded a traitor by the Empire. she worked as a bounty hunter alongside her friend Ketsu Onyo before being recruited by Captain Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus to join their rebel crew aboard the starship Ghost. Together, the crew fought against the Empire and used her art as a symbol of hope. They became part of a larger rebel movement, with her work continuing to inspire the fledgling rebellion.
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Name: RT 7685
Nickname: Rusty
Age: 30
Birth Date: 34 BBY
Hair Color: brown
Skin Color: white
Height: 1.7m
Spouse/GF/BF: N/A
Children: N/A
Parents: N/A
Force Sensitivity: low
Race: human
Gender: Male
Faction: Empire
Occupation: TIE fighter Pilot captain
Personality: cautious, shaky
Bio: RT 7685 "AKA" Rusty was adopted by the empire at a very young age, when it came to the battlefield he did OK but when he was in the TIE fighter, he was unstoppable to the point he blasted up the ranks all the way to Captain in a matter of weeks, he used to be a brute not thinking twice until a rival X-Wing shot his TIE which almost resulted in his death and now is more cautious about what to do; and whenever there's a injured support ship he shoots it down as fast as possible as when he didn't once a colossal reinforcement almost killed everybody which forced them to retreat
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