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Hola vampires ... my first post hehe ....
By meh ... cool?

If you're in or near the Denver metro area on September 11, come say hi to me ( and over 40 other authors at the Colorado Gold book signing event:

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I ship it!!! Do you?!?!?

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awesome ^^

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Aido, your zipper is down. And Kaname is coming over. ~yuki
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PLEASE STOP SCROLLING DOWN and READ this post. Now I dare you to read this until the end. A few days ago I received a request, it was about to UNIFY those hashtags that people make. Probably you have been affected by them too. Most likely you already noticed some of the tags some people do.. tags like maid monday or sexual sunday these one are a bit more popular. started out like a tendency because somebody said. I will do Monday a day for Maids because lol both start with M but some people don't agree. I have also seen miku monday so... monday this and that.. people have their OWN hashtag for the days but no one agrees or go with it... and don't let me get started with the other days.

In my opinion people does whatever they like because they aren't sure of what to share.. that day that's when one marvelous person one time told me a last wish before leaving and it was like this: "I wish to make good hashtags so people agree with them and follows them"

She isn't here anymore...but before leaving she left me the request to think of what to share for the whole week. I told her I would do it and since she left I started thinking. I thought... for a while at first nothing came to my mind...but I keep thinking and thinking.

when I stopped thinking about what "word" would with with the days names but what does people like to share I realized what was need to fit those spots. I based my thinking in anime. 

I thought what are the things that people see most in an anime. I found out most of all animes have certain elements that are never missing those elements are: no human "monsters" supernatural creatures, fauna, specially ROSES, either a talking neko or a normal neko, pets or rather wild animals or other kind of "beasts", food or a character obsessed with food, at some point of the anime they show weapons or rather their characters always carry a particular weapon specially if a shojo or shonen, a character with wings, a handsome "bishie" character, an utterly BIG chest character, a loli "moe" character (cute little girl), the maid character, the silent character, etc.. No matter if the anime has an action/fighting focus.. somehow.. they manage to at least have a screen moment where they use or show weapons let's not focus if the anime has this or that kind of character type. they're stereotypes after all the point is that there's a pattern. 

There's always a pattern. The more you watch anime the more you realize that that's how things work and if you're smart you would had realized those elements that serie by serie of anime they repeat. As I mentioned before, in short, these elements are: 

-beats, animals (fauna)
-roses, landscapes (flora) 
-monsters, demons, angels or other no humankind characters.
-wings (a human or beast with wings) 

In lower quantity because the focus is not always sexual but they tend to mark some romance through the anime, we also fund.
-yuri, yaoi, transexual or a "trap" character or moments 
-shirtless scenes
-ecchi "fanservice" moments or episodes. 
-a hentai "pervert" character (to make sure there's always humor in anime)
which lends to MORE
 -hentai "fanservice" scenes/ moments 

and that's your classical anime. I know ANIMES, pretty well. Am I right or AM I RIGHT? That's what you will always find in an anime despite if you are watching or NOT an ecchi or hentai anime. FOR EXAMPLE There's always a small scene in one episode where the Main character is taking a shower want it or not. Ecchi, hentai or not. That's just the "FORMULA" to make a good or "more likeable" anime. It can never miss one of these elements in an anime because then people will complain they didn't watch a naked scene or something. There's people to people and to make sure the most people like one single thing 1 single anime must contain a variety of these elements or it will turn plain and boring.

so.. that's the way animes are and I thought that's how things should be since it seems to work in animes why not try the same "formula" 

Humans is the only animal that agrees in not agreeing with everyone else. People is so different there's different tastes and likes, every mind is a world every person is unique and so they don't always think the same and you can't please them all. So having that in mind I gathered the elements for everyones tastes because they seem to be the perfect recipe to make the a whole thing that everyone can agree with because it will fit with everyone's UNIQUE tastes and filled my week with those elements but the way I distribute them is way more openly than the majority that all of you know.


Monday- Mythical Mondays
Tuesday - Tasteful Tuesdays
Wednesday - Wild Wednesdays
Thursday - Thankful Thursdays
Friday - Fan-service Fridays 
Saturday - Shipping Saturdays
Sunday - Special Sundays


Why Mythical? I wanted to make mondays a day to share Monsters but I thought monster mondays wasn't good enough plus I wanted something more generic. Monsters only cover monsters mythical by the other hand, it depends and changes from person to person. Of course my principal idea is to share mythical creatures with this I mean nothing more but vampires, dragons, unicorns, monsters, beasts, demons, angels, those kind of things but not only that. because what I may consider Mythical you may consider a different thing. I designed all of those days to be more likeable for everyone so you're not forced to share vampires that day you can share anything you consider "mythical" horror why not? the mystery to understand a murdering. Blood, insanity.. share anything you consider mysterious or rare, weird, unusual or uncommon. The mythical monday is for everyone taste or like. Because everyone has their very own definition of "mythical" no one can judge you share anything for your opinion to be mythical to you on mondays of Mythical Mondays. 


Same as mondays from now on. No one can tell you to share only 1 single thing. there's no need to fight about what to share. "It's Monday so you can only share Miku but what about you don't like Miku so I gotta go with maid mondays but I don't have pictures of maids so I don't share anything the monday" the fuck. SHARE WHATEVER THE FUDGE YOU CONSIDER TASTY. I was personally thinking about making this day to share food but not necessary. Don't be afraid to share some bishies with no shirts. He's hot so girls like that kind of stuff they think seeing a handsome man showing abs is tasteful then SHARE IT. if that is tasty for you. Most men won't find bishies tasty but they sure find women in provocative positions and uniforms tasty. so go share it. it's TASTEFUL TUESDAYS.. you're not into sharing food, you don't find women nor men barely naked tasteful because you're gore type of person. Then share blood. share dead people if that makes you happy then share the taste of dead if blood is tasty for you then share the taste of blood. I don't care what your taste is and we don't have to agree or have the same taste of things. If is tuesday of  Tasteful Tuesdays share whatever the fuck you consider tasty. You think music or nature is tasty. Then share the taste of nature, share your favorite music. we don't have to like your taste or have the same taste of music. You go share anything, whatever, everything you consider tasty. There's tastes for everyone so Tasteful tuesdays is for everyone and we do not have to agree or share the same thing that's probably the best idea ever!


I thought this day as a day to share our beloved favorite animals, but It doesn't always have to be that way. it doesn't matter if you're a cat person or a dog person or if you prefer bunnies.. theres's animals for all the tastes and if you don't like animals or if it is not your thing to share cute pictures of animals why not nature? share flowers, anime pictures with ROSES... it's not necessary to focus on nature as long as the element of "wild" nature is on the picture. WILD!  what does wild means to you. There’s different definitions. wild animals, wild nature, wild people! if you're not into sharing nature then go share wild people, insane people. people with WEAPONS going wild. I heard one time of weapons wednesdays and I liked the idea but not everyone can share weapons or have pictures of weapons. The idea is good and in anime there’s always someone with weapons but not everyone and not everything is about that. Wild Wednesdays is more general. Is a day to go wild it doesn't says share only weapons because is weapons wednesdays. No that is so monotone. so strict into share 1 single thing but WILD could be almost anything, an animal, nature, people going in maddness.. even gore. People killing each other that’s wild. wild can be see as many things. Wild doesn’t have to be a day to necessary share cute pictures of pets. Nature can be wild. and dead is wild as well, humanity is wild. Share whatever please your eyes and tastes into your very own definition of wildness. To have diversity and election to share what you want and like, that’s wild.


Thank you. Don't you all agree that the first thought you have a thursday is “Thanks God tomorrow is Friday”? well for me it is but you can be thankful the thursday for many more reasons. The diversity.. of things you can be thankful of is as much as differents kind of peoples and tastes. You could be thankful for having a loved one by your side, you could be thankful for friendship and having good friends. You could be thankful of being alive, thankful of having food to eat, thankful you have good health, thankful anime exist, music exist, ice cream exist.. animals exist. There’s plenty of reasons to be thankful that only have one day to be grateful for all those things we got but don’t appreciate seems short so at least least have 1 day were we thank for everything we are thankful of. it can be anything I don't have to tell you to be thankful of what, whatever it is, I'm sure you have at least 1 thing to say thanks and that’s what makes this day for everyone no matter what it is.. everyone got something to be thankful the Thankful Thursdays. 


I didn’t make up this day. Actually I already seen it around. I decided to keep it because as the name says a fanservice can be many things. I want to encourage people to make of this more than a sensual thing. Think bigger than just bishies, yuri, yaoi, you could also ask lolis, a certain character, why no anime animals, neko boy/girls, bunny boy/girls, wolfs, chibis, donuts, food, ice cream, candies, waffles, cake.. roses, vampires, blood. To serve a fan into anything they like. I really invite people to look forward than shirtless people. Fanservice Fridays have more potential than that so use it wisely it could be anything you like, tastes are for everyone and there’s fans to fans.


It doesn't matter if you're straight, if you prefer yaoi (boy x boy), yuri (girl x girl) or anything you made up from your mind like (human x food) or (human x animal) or (human x bed) You shall be free to share any ship you like. It doesn't have to be real nor serious. As much different the best this is diversity and freedom of tastes. whatever you ship really doesn't matter what it is, if you ship vocaloids, if you ship yourself with anime chars, if you ship book chars or different fandoms, or even anime or manga chars with your very own original characters or yourself. show your colors, share your ships, taste the rainbow. There’s a ship for every kind of people so Shipping Saturdays is for all.


Special Sundays.. as the name says it. It is to share anything that makes you feel special. Love, music, anime, vocaloids, manga, yaoi, yuri, bishies, lolis, blood, gore, food, stars, wings, weapons, vampires, monsters, animals, pets, nature, flowers, LESSONS OF LIFE, QUOTES, anything.. everything, whatever makes you feel special no matter what it is because to feel special is relative and it is a concept that changes from the perception of oneself. so what it is special to me may not be special to you, everyone has their very own special thing that makes them feel that way so share it. share that thing that makes you feel special it can be anything.

That’s how I want to be the hashtags for the days..for all..diversity of concepts that can fit everyone's likes and tastes. A unified mass of concepts. 

This was the longest post I have ever typed.. gosh +wolf kaulili this was a very difficult request.. I really hope my 3 days thinking and 4.5 hours typing all this were worth it.  

Now if people could please share the word. I worked hard to think those hashtags and I want people to use them so please help me share the word.


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every memory is like a piece of life don't ever let it go....smiles
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