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Name: Andi Yuno
Age: 14
Year: Freshman
Status: Single
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, smart, semi-social, doesn't talk much

Listen up there is a new Anime high school Rp ill put a link.

moderator can I ask some questions if you don't mind me asking

steals scissors from the teacher since I forgot my knife

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Sits in corrner all alone texts everybody: guys what YT vid should I do next?
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Anime high school rp
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Adventure vlog
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Whats rocking bros

Name: Luna Loud
I love to ROCK!!!!!!

(Sneaks into class late and teacher doesn't notice)

Walks into class late and passes a note that says a demon is going to get you

*sits down in math class and starts drawing fallen angels and hell then puts screamo on really loud with earbuds *
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