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Name: Luna
Age: 11
What: Dragon/Girl
Can: Change into a dragon, girl or mixed at will.

Sits in the middle of the garden, bored.
Sighs "Does this place have to be this boring?" I say looking around for people.
Starts walking around

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Name: Sun
Gender: Male
Age: (human Years) 14 (Real Age) 13,982
Personality: Kind (Sometimes ), Funny, Caring, Aggressive, Annoying
Abilities: Can run faster than other wolves, also has quick reflexes
Likes: Wolves or Dogs, Daytime, Summer, Nature
Dislikes: Cats, Nighttime, Winter


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Name: Astri
Age ( coverted to human years): 19
Actual age: 19,000
What im like: kind, carrys a since of power, WOLF, constantly light and free feeling, likes to make people happy.
Likes: Colors, light, friends, life.
Dislikes: tooooo much hatred, bees, tooo much dark.
Wears: feathers, colors, wings, fur, 1 and 1 half in nails.
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