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Food for thought
THe immortal jellyfish doesn't die.  It goes from the polyp and gets older to the medusa and then it gets younger again and turns into the polyp therefore starting it's life over again.

I like bacon

every time i see the title to this comunity i say the word Isis in my head!!

So Jack, you have not answered the questions.

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To begin, answer these simple questions without the aid of Google or Siri

Approx. how many atoms are in the observable universe?

Who came up with this number?

are zebras black with white stripes or white with black?

T/F  giraffe's have the same amount of vertebrates in the neck as we do.

What is my middle name?

You were not expected to answer that one.

what does garçon mean in French?

Do you wish to be smarter?

Do you believe you can do it without any help?

Are you Christian?

that last one can be answered any way, I believe that the only "right" way to practice religion is the way the individual chooses.

Finally, Do you want to have fun?
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