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Pinned Post EXPLAINING how Profile's will be APPROVED
1: explain where you come in with the story
2: so me & +Princess Arwen The Hedge-Angel will know when Black Bangs & Cloud run into you
3: then your profile should get approved by a me +Princess Arwen The Hedge-Angel where the OWNER"S OR BY A MODERATOR
+Princess Arwen The Hedge-Angel
+Fiona Fox ((Red: I need you 2 Explain about Red Mother & Black Bangs mother thing for your profile please Mom))
+Andrew Clark
+Red Sonic Jr/Black Bangs/Red Jr/Fiona Foxie/Clover
+Queen Jasmin Zuniga Reyes The Hedgehog
+Fee Ty
+scar the fox
+Aurora The Hedgehog Zone Cop
+TheSonicJnr official Maurice Sonic Hedgehog Jr
+Red Toad Blue Toad           

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shows up from start to finish
Name: Black Bangs The Hedgehog
Age: ?
Spices: Hedgehog with a mix of Cloud Bangs & scars
Family: Mother +Fiona Fox Father ??? ((working on the father part))
Likes: Mother +Fiona Fox  Cloud The Hedgehog & his Sister Ashley The Hedgehog
Dislike: Scourge from what he did ((will find out about that someday))
Relationship: Cloud The Hedgehog & I call him Cloudy Poo @ times
Bio: Red The Hedgehog from other Dimensions kind of thing been the signtest building we where in Scourge grabed onto this me mother +Fiona Fox and took you out of there when you didn't know where they where going 2 take me + I saw what he did and got mad at him so this me was sealed away for over 2000 years while this me was sealed away it got Cloud DNA & this me started getting bangs & scars of Cloud The Hedgehog that mix into this me spices & grow into full size BUT!, heard some kind of tears that woke this me up and I got unsealed some how when it came 2 be over 2000 years and one day ran into Cloud and been living with him ever sense the mother +Fiona Fox in his Dimensions was searching for him & became 2 where this me & his mother +Fiona Fox  can not get killed
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((please no hateful comments..))
((That doesn't mean, I'm in that team. Still neutral.. Also, please no hate on me...I'm sensetive...))

Name: Johnny Test

Age: 11

Species: Hedgehog

Good or bad?: Good.

Which Team: Still unsure.

Likes: Fun, my friends, pranks, action, extreme sports, video games

Dislikes: getting bossed around, my enemies

Abilities: Usage of weapons, Super speed, Homing attack

Forms: Super, Hyper, Blazing, Super Blazing, Phoenix, Starlight

Bio: Was a human kid with hyperactivity and awesomeness in Porkbelly. One day, me, my dog and my sisters were in their lab, when suddenly the portal generator broke down and became unstable. We were sucked in and then I woke up as a hedgehog in another world. Then, I reunited with the others and now....We have to get use of our new powers.
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Thx for the invite!

Thx for the invite

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British voice ok so I am a Freedom Fighter & here's how it start's out for me I was betrayed for some reason =), and got sent into Black Bangs Dimension & when you all get 2 those parts & other parts i'm back in the story & I plan on joining the BlaOud Team @ some point along with myself are ready in a spot when I can't ever get killed
Name: British Sonic Jr Hedgehog Voice
Age: hypnotized into a British person & can never be killed
Spices: British Hedgehog
Likes Team BlaOud
Dislike: ever sense the freedom fighters betrayed me for some reason =) (this dislike is only with BlaOud Storys & my British self)
Bio: forever hypnotized into a British hedgehog
(update will happen when we get 2 the part of me joining team Dark Lovers then that's when my profile for that team will get made)  
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any ideas for a BlaOud Team name? ((+1 comment if it sounds perfect))

waiting for everyone's idea name before I +1 one of the idea's
Disable Comment's sense we have a Team BlaOud Name
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