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Well, I went ahead with the idea. Pre-beta brain, sensor and motor control code has been posted, robot hardware schematic should be posted shortly.

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I love this idea! I had had a similar idea, but a little different: Building a basic tracked robot platform with sensors, vision, etc. and was thinking of putting the specs for it up publicly, as well as the code. Contributors would A) tweak/modify the code, and new code would be uploaded to the robot for a trial, recorded on video and posted and B) request mods to the platform like 'Add PIR facing backwards' or 'Add additional ultrasonic rangefinders pointed 30 and 150 degrees' to enhance the platform and allow for more creative code.
I got as far as making the robot and implementing basic object avoidance and visual object (color blob) tracking, but figured I might have difficulty actually getting anyone interested in such an effort.
Here's a video of the little guy...
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