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Trends and technology developments in Flexible Display Market

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The research published on flexible display covers the significantgame-changing materials, components, technologies like LCD, LED, OLED, TFT, flexible, transparent, or 3D. There are several importanttrends which have been driving the technological innovations in the display industry since its early days which, directly or indirectly, are driving the market, currently. 

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Hoping someone checks out my newly minted and designed (mi)Display logos.. few different types depending on the situation it's put in..

The biggest thing with developing a modular device is to ensure it's going to be marketed towards the key points, #your   #ours   #mine   #mi  

In doing so it shows that this device is not made for one purpose, there is no one design, it's what you decide to make it. Placing the "mi" into brackets along with the other words allows you to feel connected with the name and hopefully the device.

I'm not setting out to make one device and force you to use it the way it's been built or designed. I want the buyer and user to make it their own.. the concept relies upon principles currently being set out by Google ATAP with Project Ara, building a low costs base and charging for individual addons.

As such, the initial addons to the base (mi)Display product are a camera, display module, processor, battery and frame.

The frame is a key area.. unlike with what we have seen from +Google Glass we don't want to force you into wearing a titanium band across your forehead, we want to adapt it to already available frames and also develop the best way to wear it without you looking like bizarre.

Most of all, we want this device to be molded by the community.. not molded by company ideals or desires to build the perfect product. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing some ideas on the various modules we hope to be able to build. The best part is.. we are going to try building this device in Australia, boosting the economy, jobs and the level of business in this country.

If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact me, a basic website will be up and running in the coming few weeks which will lead into our crowdfunding stage where we are looking to set a precedent for future wearables in terms of our pricing. This shouldn't be a device you shell out $1500 + tax for.. we want affordable, attractive and modular wearables to become the future of the technology.

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miDisplay Logos
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Watch my interview with +Alexander Hayes on Glass, #MiDisplay , wearables and where I see the whole area going in the future.

Exciting things are happening.

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MiDisplay Hangout will be at the end of this week. I'll try make it so US people can join at a reasonable hour.

This will be our first officially brainstorm and general meeting. I'm still waiting on the trademark application and how we will work out incorporating.

What perks would you like to see when MiDisplay hits crowdfunding? Comment below with your ideas and they may become a reality.

One will involve getting the original prototype, that's a given.

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