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Just added a deep neural network for object detection.

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Make sure to RSVP on meetup if your'e going to see the movie. They are giving Robomo passes to the sneak preview to promote Pacific Rim.

Here the link.

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The Science center is offering us passes to the premier of Pacific Rim on March 20th (because Robots). Is any one interested in going? I am trying to get a rough head count.
It will be at the Esquire at 7pm.
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Robomo has been invited to a Robot and Technology Expo at the Mineral Area College near Farmington, Missouri. It will be on Saturday the 17th of March.

The primary feature at the event is a VeX competition. Robomo will likely be serving as a demo for showing robotics outside the world of VeX.
It seems to be assumed that at least one of our club members will show up, but no one is officially confirmed to be going at the moment.

I don't have many details, but here are links to info about the event.

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This is my proof of concept for mounting a projector to a robot.

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Cooperative, door opening robots.

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I found a very similar example of the swerve drive I am developing. The big differences in what I am considering are using manufactured wheels (not printed), all belt reduction without any gearboxes, RS500 series inexpensive motors, probably a round or square tube mount instead of the corner plate style, and absolute encoders of my own design. Similar to this design, I do plan on 3D printing a good portion of the parts with suitable material to allow for easier open source modifications and revisions. The prints may also have metal reinforcements, if needed.

Does anyone here use L298N motor drivers with arduinos? I am trying to figure out how to use them together. If I bring a L298N motor driver and a arduino to one of the meetings is there anyone who could spare the time to show me how to get it running?

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For those interested in entering the challenge next month, I need to decide whether to continue the line following challenge again or to move on to the maze. Please vote for a preference.
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The same advanced course as last month
A non-looping line following maze

Hi Guys,

We just got our Zumo v1.2 and Arduino Uno. But both Gavin and I are severely lacking in knowledge when it comes to this. First off, we do not have any cords, for connecting the battery, for connecting to the computer, etc. I don't know if you guys have any extras, sell them, or maybe there is somewhere locally I can grab them before Saturday. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Another issue I think we might have is the programming. I know you guys do it on your laptops, but all we have is a desktop and a chromebook. I see Arduino IDE is for Windows, MAC, and Linux, but does anyone have any experience with ChromeDuino.

I'll bring what we have so far on Saturday. It would be great if you guys could help push us in the write direction.

Thanks. See you then. -Jeremy Benedick
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