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ATTENTION  guys here is how it's going to go
1. The rules that will be listed below will apply to how you may receive a Bijuu. If you have one or want to receive one you must notify a Mod or an Owner so they may keep track of it. 
2. There MAY be more than one person with the same Bijuu but there are regulations and exceptions. 
3. Phantom Tails ARE permitted in this comm however there may only be one per bijuu. There will be no five nine tails. You can be a phantom tails but if you are the phantom tails for a bijuu you will be the only one. 
4. You MAY use YIn and Yang. In this case there will only be two of the same Bijuu.
5. NO Yin and Yang Phantom Tails. At max there can be three of the same Bijuu not four. 
5. If you have a tails you must comply to all the disadvatages of it. For example if you have Kurama you must comply to the fact that may lose control based on your negative emotion.
6. If you want to learn to control your Bijuu you must RP training for it.
7. if you want to seal a Bijuu into another Roleplayer you must RP it. No just saying you did it and not roleplay it.
7. if you lose your tailed beast you may not have it back. 

1. If you die, you can be revived ONCE. That's it, no bsing your way into being revived again and again. You die once, you can be revived. If you die twice tough luck.
2. If your character has died and cannot be revived. YES it can be used for an Edo Tensei. HOWEVER, if the player who created the deceased character is still active they have right to rp the edo tensei. If they are inactive the caster may control them. 
3. If you want to be revived, another role player has to revive you, they must also be a medic ninja, or able to use reanimation jutsu.
4. In the event that a roleplayer possesses Rinnegan, they may use deceased roleplay characters as a path. In this case the caster may control the deceased character given they have the roleplayer of the deceased character's permission.
5. Any Kage that stands inactive will be relieved of duties is absent for more than three weeks. 
6. Obviously no auto-hitting. And if you are hit or something happens to your character that you really could not control please accept it. 
7. DO NOT take the fun out of being a ninja, ninjas are stealthy and have an element of surprise. Don't roleplay like you know everything before it happens and are untouchable. It takes out the fun for everyone. 
8. If an RP is CLOSED pleease don't jump in. And be aware of the post you are reading before jumping in XD it's usally 100% ok but in some cases eh
9. Regarding to rule 8 if you really want something excluded note CLOSED TO AKATSUKI or something along those lines
10. And always if anymore questions do ask

1. ALL will begin as Genin except for a few
2. Each VIllage may have 4 starter Jonin to lead Genin Squads. if you have too many genin a fifth may be placed. 
3. For Characters who rp as children there will be Genin, Chunin, and Jonin exams.
4. For every kage there will be an assistant. The assistant MUST be one of the starter Jonin. So in reality there are only 3 starter Jonin for Genin squads. The fourth is an assistant. 
5. Each squad MUST have a Medic Ninja in it. 
6. One of the starter Jonin MUST be a Medic Ninja
7. A Ninja may learn medical ninjutsu from a Medic Ninja of Jonin Rank or above. 
8.  A Genin must comply with the actual truth of canon Genin. They may only use a select few jutsu as they are still Genin. Four being the maximum. 
9. Sharingan modes can be used at any rank. HOWEVER if you unlock Sharingan or Mangekyo it must be a roleplayed event. It cannot be simply placed on the character. You may not create a profile and automatically have Sharingan. It must be unllocked from stage one and up. 
10. Byakugan can be used at any rank as well as Rinnegan but any improvement must be roleplayed in training.
11. Kekkei Genkai that is passed down by blood such as Magnet Release or Bone Release can be used at any rank. But you must be a part of the bloodline or clan that possesses it.
12. You may not teach Kekkei Genkais from a specific clan you are either in that clan or cannot use it.
13. Maximum of 10 roleplayers per clan
14. You may NOT posses more than one Ocular Kekkei Genkei. 
15. For characters younger than Genin, there WILL be an appointed Academy Instructor to teach Academy Students and run Genin Exams for every village. 
16. Each Village gets a Black Ops Leader. Whether ANBU or Hunter Nin. Each Village receives 3 for start to perform S Ranked Missions
17. It is recommended one of the ANBU be a Medic but is not required. 
18. If you are among the starter Jonin your kage MUST appoint you a squad that you MUST teach and perform missions with. 
19. Chunin and Jonin may use as many as 25 jutsu as they are considered real Shinobi by Chunin. HOWEVER they may only use jutsu complying to their chakra nature.
20. Genin may only have one chakra nature. Chunin and Jonin may only possess a total of three
21. Yes Rasengan MUST be learned. 
22. There will also be postions for a Kage Council. Only Two Roleplayers may be a council member for each kage. 
23. The council WILL be appointed by the respecting kage. 
24: Each village should have some characters that are perhaps not shinobi entirely, such as council, herbalist who produce medicines, and if you are really up to it shopkeepers.
25. If you RP a non Shinobi you may have two characters so you may still be a Shinobi if you wish.

1. Genin may perform: C and D Ranks
    Chunin: C, B. and A Ranks
    Jonin and ANBU: Any Mission
2. A Jonin MUST accompany their squad on D and C Rank Missions
3. Payment follows
    D: 50 - 500 ryo
    C: 500 - 1,000 ryo
    B: 1,000 - 3,500 ryo
    A: 3,500 - 6,000 ryo
    S: 6,000 - ~
4. If a mission is assigned to you it MUST be Roleplayed. That way the comm can be interesting and not just a bunch of assigned missions that never get done.
5. Kages must follow through to ensure a mission is completed or their assistant at least. 
6. Kages must state the rank and reward for a mission and whether the pay is shared of individual. 
7. If given permission by the respecting Kage you may hire Shinobi outside your village.
8. You may hire rogue ninja to do dirty work but keep in mind it is considered black market or illegal is a better way to say it. 
9. You may hunt each other XD I don't wanna hear any whining about it, if you broke the law, went missing nin, or are a missing nin already your village can hunt you to kingdom come so long as they are not obnoxious.
10.  Akatsuki may pay their Shinobi anything they want for missions. 
11. All Akatsuki missions are ranked S rank. 
12. Report when you complete a mission.
13. If an Akatsuki or a rogue is hired to attack you, tough luck
14. You may assign any mission from favors, to escorts, kidnappings, weird happenings. huge crisis, spying, hunting, slave trade, whatever your sick twisted mind comes up but no sexual content please. 
15. No auto travel. Please Roleplay travelling to a village of location at least two countries away in at least one post. 

1. No using more than two Kekkei Genkei
2. Do NOT spam shadow clones or substitution jutsu
3. If you are caught by surprise please accept this

Anymore questions, I may add  more but that's all I can think of for now

Did the community die? The last post was made 2 weeks ago, the. 80 weeks ago.

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Name: Kasume suchi Yeechi
Age: 15
Weapon: Fan of Fire
Personality: stubborn, sassy, and pushy
Family: mom, dad, sister
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Name menma
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We're is hinataaaaaaaaa
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Bubblez : #TK90Z the second Ninja From my collection ...Naruto Inspired ... #TyrellKing Drawing #Realism #ColorPencil #PrismaColor @tyrellking90z on insta•Snap•twitter•Tumblr

May I be a academy instructor

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Name: RTN! Hinata Hyuga
Age: 16

((Is there a hinata yet?))
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Name: ??? but everyone calls him the Mist Demon
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Mist Demon
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Abilities: ???
Personality: ???
Bio: ???

Can i be the nine tails

i would like to be the ninetail beast. may i please?
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