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Just sitting here thinking before my next class, and the statement that I have heard some people submit to me in the form of a question is, "Don't you know that Jesus never existed? "

In pondering on this, the Answer came, Jesus has always existed, He is the One responsible for creation, "In the beginning God said " also "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, the Word was God" "And the Word became flesh, Jesus was and still is the Spirit of Truth, , the Word of God has always existed before the foundation of the earth.

Jesus is the Life that is within us (the born-again), that brings life to us spiritually, because we were once spiritually dead. There is no life, and there would be no creation if Jesus never existed. He IS THE WORD OF GOD MADE MANIFEST IN THE FLESH OF MAN, as we read, meditate, and speak the WORD OF GOD, it is the WORD going to work, circumcising, the heart of flesh (carnality) to conform us into the image of the SON.

The more we digest the WORD, and receive the wisdom and understanding that comes from the revelation given to us through His Spirit, we too can and will be as begotten of the Lord through Jesus, The WORD OF GOD!

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To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord....


I would like to thank you all for your prayers for Troy Hubbard. Troy went to be home with the Lord, he received his healing by putting off the earthly body, and putting on his new glorified body, free from sickness, pain, depression, and any other human weakness, also free from the wickedness and evil in this life. Another soldier received an honorable discharge from his post. Troy you will be missed...

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I was thinking on the book of Genesis about the children Adam and Eve had together, and they went and married, but if Adam and Eve were the first of mankind then where did the spouses come from? How was mankind able to multiply?

Then I thought. ...

God uses the functions of things that are of the natural to teach us things of the spirit realm, the fact is we have so many relatives that we have never seen or known, but we are still related by blood, a distant relationship, but it does not take away from the fact that we are still very much related through a bloodline .

It may seem to us like in Genesis things were a little incestuous, but it was a representation of the will of God, that we not only marry from within the family of God, we also live, learn, and build from within the family, our own kind.

The KKK, white supremacists, black empowerment groups, and Hebrew Israelites believe that this is meant for us to not marry outside of race, culture, and background, but God does not want us to be intermingled with those outside of our faith, belief, because it will corrupt and confise our own beliefs of God, and compromise the teachings of God.

When we remain in the family of God, you will find even though we may not always agree, there's still peace amongst us, because God is at the core of the relationship and is very active in our lives to help us to work through indiscretions that come.

God forewarned us in the Word , forsake not to assemble ourselves with other believers, be years not unequally yoked with unbelievers, light had no communication with darkness, be not deceived bad company ruins good morals, and even in the Old Testament Abraham instructed his servant in the search for Isaac a wife not to pick from a particular people, why? Not because of race, it was because of belief, they worshipped foreign gods.

So from God's instructions, and illustrations MARRY YOUR OWN KIND, RECEIVE INSTRUCTION AND COUNSEL FROM YOUR OWN KIND, EXPOSE YOURSELF (FEELINGS, CONCERNS, FEARS, etc...) WITH YOUR OWN KIND, because they will give you GODLY counsel, but the ungodly will seduce you away from God, and GODLY wisdom.

Being in the family of God we will come to realize that we have a very large household, some we have yet to meet, that we know not of, but we are and will always be BLOOD RELATED IN CHRIST JESUS, AND THAT IS THE DOINGS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, AND THAT IS WHY HE WANTS US TO BE ONE AS HE AND THE FATHER ARE ONE, GOD IS CONCERNED HOW WE TREAT ONE ANOTHER, WE ARE FAMILY whether we accept it or not, there's nothing we can do to change it, so we may as well work towards building better relationships with one another. Be blessed everyone, and may the joy of the Lord be your strength.

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I received word that Troy is doing better, he was sitting up today, and his voice is getting stronger. He still have to remain on dialysis, but his heart is getting a little stronger.

I praise God for all of you, my siblings in Christ, this is a body ministry, and it is going to take the body of us coming together in one faith, one Spirit in order to see miracles.

The doctors had given up, they said that there was nothing more that they can do, they gave Troy a week to live, and they said that his ejection fraction (heart ability to pump and retract) was 17% well our prayers of faith is a response to God's Word, God is turning it all around, and I believe that Troy will be walking out of that hospital

Please continue to pray for Troy and his family. God bless you all, I truly have an awesome, amazing family in Christ, you all are a testimony of the goodness of God, and a true blessing from God. Thank you all.

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Update on prayer request, on behalf of Troy Hubbard,

Troy is stable, but still in ICU fighting to live, and I believe that by Jesus stripes, I know that Troy is healed.
This is a small victory considering that his heart was barely functioning at 17%, I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for Troy, this small victory would not be if it had not been for the prayers of the righteous which avail much

Please continue to pray for Troy and for the peace and comfort of his family as he fight to come back on the road to recovery. I truly appreciate you and your prayers, most of all I thank God for your faith 

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Who's report are you going to believe? The doctor's or the report of the LORD? 
I had received a text message and this is what it cobtained,

If your copied on this message then I'm going to ask you to pray for my brother Troy Hubbard and his family. Troy has only 17% Heart function and just went into kidney failure which required emergency dialysis. The Dr informed the family that troy is very sick and may not make it through the week but we all know what kind of God we serve and what he's capable of. Lift him up in prayer.

There was a picture included, but at this time, at the family's request, I will not post it. Please join your faith with mine, and your prayers with mine, as we do the work of the body of Christ, the GREATER WORKS, of faith. Thank you to all who will join me in prayer, I will keep you updated on his progress. God bless you, and keep you in perfect peace

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God had given man everything in the garden that He created, there was nothing that man had need of that God had not provided, but there was only one thing that God did not grant access to man and that was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But somehow the serpent got the woman to focus on the only thing that they did not have, that which God forbid them was that which could destroy them. God will grant and provide all of your needs, and that which He does not give is that which He is protecting us from.

Just like he did the woman don't let him do to you, don't let him draw your attention to that which you lack, because that which you have is always far more in abundance, even if what you lack is that which you needed out of a relationship which was withheld from you, maybe from a mother or father, because what you do already have from your Heavenly Father is more and if you look back you will find that what you have gained from out of your pain is far more worth its weight in gold making you a wealthy person because you will have far more to give to those in need by having gone through it. I now understand the concept of when Jesus fed the multitude of 5000 with two fish and five loaves of bread, when you give your lack to God you gain a wealth of resources from the Source Himself, He will prosper YOU from within FIRST, so that you can give to others in abundance.

So from this point onwards stop focusing on what others have done to you, withheld from you, or how you didn't feel loved, and start focusing on all that God has birthed you through, that you have gained having gone through it. If I had not have been ignored, overlooked, and talked over in communicating, then I never would have gained compassion to listen and be attentive to what another is saying, if I had not gone through being misjudged and talked about, I would not have learned to be watchful, and quick to seek the council of the Holy Spirit instead of leaning to my own understanding of the person, and out of it all I have learned to lean and depend upon the Holy Spirit, to wait on the Lird, and in persecution, afflictions, I have learned to identify with Christ. I realized that I was like Christ, in the fact that I have a earthly mom, and a heavenly Father because my own dad was MIA emotionally there was no ties, and in the natural he was never there, but God was a hands on Father, very active in all areas of my life, He Himself took up with me, and made Himself known to me.

I have nothing to be bitter, regretful, ashamed, or to feel guilty about because I belong to the Father, and He is my God, my Father, my Husband, and my source, if he was willing to decrease Himself to mankind, and lay down His life for us, then what is it that He would deny us of? He even gives us His love without conditions.

If you keep your eyes on Him and not your lack, your pain, your troubles, then you will see your gain, your provision, your Provider, your Way maker, and your way out.

Don't let the enemy distract you away from your Source, include God in all things by seeking an answer in His Word, asking for wisdom in prayer, and continue to knock (pursue God ) in reading, meditating, praying, and giving Him thanks knowing that He will do what He said He will do, which is give you whatever you ask of the Father in His name.

God is faithful, and His mercy endures forever. God is very real, and wants to reveal Himself to you, just think, the Creator of the universe and all that is within, actually look forward to hearing from you and is very attentive to you and your needs, YOU ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON to GOD YOU ARE VALUED AND VERY VALUABLE, and He promised that out of our troubles, afflictions, and persecutions He will deliver us, BELIEVE HIM AND RECEIVE THIS AS THE REAL TRUTH INTO YOUR HEART, and you will see it for yourself. Not only are you wealthy, you are blessed (empowered)to not only get wealth, but to also make others wealthy by giving them the Blesser (the One who empowers).

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If your heart and mind is strong and victorious, you will be victorious. To have a hundred percent victorious mind you must rise up in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and discipline your mind by submitting to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and resisting Satan. Take control of your thoughts, will, emotions, desires, and attitude, bringing them under the control of the Holy Spirit and in conformity to the will of God.

If you don't do this, and have a passive mind where you failed to resist Satan's attacks and allow your mind to be filled with every negative thought, every carnal, fleshly desire, every fear, doubt, and worry, you will live in defeat.

It is so important that we know more than of The Word, but to TRULY KNOW THE WORD (John 1:1) so that when the attacks come we can speak what we heard Him say in the Bible which encases His words. Look at Matthew chapter 4 follow the example Jesus gave us while He was in the presence of the tempter, trying to tempt Him away from the will of God, notice that Jesus used His sword of the Spirit, submitting to God, then you will also noticed that the tempter which is satan did flee.

Jesus was giving us a strategy here, and a new way to fight which also ties into 2 Corinthian 10:5, this same manner of warfare used in Matthew chapter 4 is also effective when put into use for 2 Corinthian 10:5.

If you are not in The Word, you are not wearing your full armor which is God (John 1:1) , and it also means that your shield "of faith" is not effective, the sword of the Spirit is not effective, and there's openings to your heart and mind that makes you accessible to the enemy, and weak to his devices. PREPARE YOUR HEART AND MIND FOR BATTLE, AND LET GOD LEAD YOU IN THE FIGHT,


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Praise the Lord.
Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and savior jesus Christ.
Pastor pushparaj David from India. Email.

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