The legend of the sea is a hurtled and wonder may have tied too tame the sea but they failed to do so bricking with the mighty furry of the sea is treasure from far off places their in a town of. Armour Stone is were it starts this ( Fire eyed dragon) why? because of a large rock that is sculptured of a dragon that also had a very large diamond that lived a ship maker and his son these too made a ship that had a steal shape as first it touch the water and put the sails she is a fastest vessels that the ship maker desired to pot in heavy cannons and they loaded the ship with all tips of defences and all tips of attacks this includes weapons that a blacksmith helped with the ship maker pot on grander sails the two ship makes named their ship. Flying Dragon on the ship they two keep room on the steal head of the dragon in it's eyes for the diamonds from the towns dragon cannon fire stopped the building their in the dissents where ship rain cannons fire on the town the people insides this town tied too make it to the ships all ships got destroyed even people are dying all around and fear started too take over the streets the ship maker sow all the ships destroyed but their is still one left the. Flying Dragon this ship makers son went back into town for the treasure of the town as the son was going fear toke over he got afraid for his fathers life so he started to head back just then a cannon boll the sculpture and broke a part sending the diamond flying off down the street down the stairs brakes into two pieces picking the two running back to his father said: Tony my boy these two treasure of this land it's just what so many are fighting for the glory and honour of the grand hop that are story will be written in stone and last forever even in the hearts of people all over this world." But all the dead shall rise from their tombs weather it's from the sea to the land even to the fires of hell and they will lift up their weapons to the sky and walk the earth in what is called. Soubrette in the coming of wars  in a ghost green it's also known as. Aurora borealis when once in hundreds years it touch's the earth that is what every land lives for and dies for the history of that land even in the past too! Tony looked at his father with great honour keeping what his father's words close to mind and his heart but then his father said." Nothing like a fool to stand up to the big guy people may think that they are small but in truth it all has to do with the heart of the person ".  Tony went on the ship ready to sail off but then he aloud the wind to take the ship away to not let it fall into the enemy's hands the ship headed for. Self Gorge the rocky grave site the deadliest place on earth ships have been lost in their and only the best sailers have been known to survive the sharp turns and the falling rocks even the sharp rocks. Tony's land got burnt to the ground nothing but ash was left are so people thought. 1,5100 years past then a great sea captain came to rule the ocean his name was. Bounty Roger a captain in the British fleet the best captain to his men they all could trust him with their lives one day. Roger's king got word that the Spanish fleet where coming from the north and from a messenger from a lighthouse keeper that the France fleet are coming from the south when. Roger heard this he told his king that would take his men and take the. Selma Dora root and show up behind the France fleet to cut them off he went to his ship but now he had to build up his men for the coming battle so he said to them:" I'm taking all of you men into the gates of hell but this should not scare you it's called this because of it's impossible rate of serving but you should now that unknown to you standing alone we are amity enemy that's their is one but really two thousand you are never alone if one of us is still breathing and still has the strength to stand up and push back the enemy will see a million even trillion but if one of us should sadly die their will rise quad trillion that will keep on fighting through out there lives as long as someone is fighting for the right thing then that person will have a great army behind them." His men screamed and some where crying Yeah! They went off to. Selma Dora root were one of the men swore they sow a ship near by but others sailers that over heard this started to laugh but. Roger believed these men with all his heart arriving at the south side to help defend the people living their the France fleet was there but another ship is their but it hade no flag. Roger turned to the France ships and started to open fire so the ships are side by side boarding one another the sailors picking up weapons and attacking one another in a bloody battle some of. Roger's men got hurt the France fleet all escaped with only one ship was still standing all the others are at the bottom of the sea but. Roger never open fire on the ship with no flag because it looked like a fisherman's ship. Roger and his crew would stay out for the whole night in tell morning half way throw the a king's messenger came to get. Roger the king wished to speak with. Roger left on a little boat with the messenger but once the two got their the king's knights arrested. Roger did not know how they wore at the time so he attacked back is was to late too stop. Roger killed two of the knights and hurt three knights others knights throw. Roger in jail thinking about what he just did he did not sleep just prayed that his king will have mercy for his actions the next day. Roger got brought before his king the adviser of the king read a letter of charges it began with:"It has come to the attending of the king that when you where fighting the France fleet you let a ship with no flag leave that could have been a spy but then you where ask to the castle were you attacked the kings own knights their for the king will make an example out of you traitorous spy we'll find out how you work for the Spanish or the France we will find out " before. Roger could say a word his wife and kids got brought in even his own men and their families. Roger got pot back in jail sell even screaming for hours knowing his king will kill one or all of those wonderful people that he knew so. Roger did not sleep again but this time he did not eat praying that his king would not punish his men just for following his orders or his family for having a fool as a father and husband. The next day the kings knights dragged. Roger to the grand hall where the king was waiting the adviser had another letter that read:" Your men are calling the king a liar for calling you a traitor and a spy so we regret to inform you but they have also beamed traitors to the king and even now the king sent out messengers out looking for people that know you. Roger or even spoke to you and got help from you. Roger will be questioned and if they or found being a traitor they will be brought here and their fait will be  decided but as for you and your men they will die for rebelling against the king as for their families and yours have not been decided. The king will have no tails heard of you. Roger or songs song of your men and the hero they called captain as well the kings knights pot. Roger in jail and then pot his men with him in jail as well as they were their. The king hade his knights bring out the. Tonga sola door that was a giant grinder back at the jail cell. Roger eat and then the knights added more people in jail they where all civilians that know. Roger or got help or aid by him. Roger got brought before the king but this time he got chained under the grinder pot in the middle on his knees his men where brought into watch along with the civilians the hade the children brought in and made to walk up the stairs leading to the grinder got turned on and all the children's blood fell on. Roger was heartbroken because not only his kids got killed but his men kids too and even civilians kids as well so. Roger said:" Please stop my lord these people that your killing have done nothing to harm your role they are just kids. I'm the one that's a traitor and a spy kill me but now that me and my crew have never rebelled against you." But the king just ignored he just got his adviser to bring the grand parents in but. Roger's men even the civilians started to fight back but the king still wanted all these men alive so the kings knights were ordered to just hurt or injured. Roger draw great courage from this that made him say:"You are all my men failing in this world comes and goes but friends and family the king may not understand what the sea does to people where a captain will take two people that really hate one another and make friends out of them on the ship it changes every thing you'll end up with a bigger family at the end it's a promise to help the weak and an oath to fight too the end of your days in tell your dead it's  not only for my men that this proves true. The ocean is are home where their is a need for aid that's where will give people a helping hand, where their is the weak that's where will give them straight to face the week even the month, where their is the poor that where will give the person every thing and anything that they may or would need at time this is the code building their lives." The knights got the grand parents and pushed them into the grinder finally the king had his adviser bring in the wife's but before that the adviser toke out the letter that started all of this it continued with." The king may never know if you and the ones that follow you or even spoke to or help would dare question the king and say that the king is a liar but no they like you. Roger have chose to fight against the king's own knights they have also bone found as spy's and traitor's even been found rebelling the king sent in some more messengers out looking for people that know your men and the civilian and if they are found as anything then the whole land is to be gathered and told about the traitorous spy and his many followers and their rebelling way's that lead the king to act and voice cry out in pain screaming for these criminals to feel and see justice but the king was not strong enough to stop them from their vicious rampage and many of poor people that were just visiting the castle the king's knights came to save people but it was to late so the king maybe a liar to you and everyone in this room with that the king's role guard where called in and throw in the adviser and all the knights. Roger felt broken and ripe in his heart the person was not his king it's a monster so evil that hell didn't even wont it hearing the cry's of knights how's only crime was having a monster for a king. Roger said:" I curse my very own eyes that a men like you even is king you that my only crime is attacking your knights sea captains have a code it goes.' If one see's a ship with no flag they should not fire a pone it or fight for they are to see the power and the straight and even trust in their king or lord but every captain knows that leaving a ship alive so that people in their land will now and remember the great straight of that captain is but also he's king great compassion and the wise king or lord that behind making up plans of attack that are powerful and bold." But the king just look board of hearing people talking and not screaming and not afraid of the all powerful (God) he became. Roger is very devastated of all the blood that will clean off but not to him it may make him go mad and crazy now the king hade the wife's brought in front of. Roger and his men even the civilian and the king hade the wife's rapped and tarnish the wife's in tell they were half dead then thrown into the grinder like rages then they got ordered to bring over the civilians and push them into the grinder but before one of them got push in he grabbed on to a role guard and the both of them dead and some more civilians toke with them the role guards. Roger's men where next to say." This is not the end be as brave as the civilians as soft as a tear this king may take away every thing from us but it won't work are lives is endless like the sea following the wind may your memory's haunt the dreams and suffer the days of are captains death for dragging so many lives down with us". Roger's men where all killed in a known prisoner in that land and ordered with the prize of being free so killing off the rest of the role guards the guard all lost their lives to the grinder because they had no where else to go but the king came up behind the prisoner and push him in the grinder. Roger found himself black out but some thing was rising there stood a woman that is made out of blood with her very own wings she spoke saying:" Roger don't be afraid my name is. Annalise I'm made out of the people that you've just lost your body may even become cursed you've will become different your fighting skill will change knowing more faster then an assassin this is port of your curse itself will become a tattoo on your body but before. Roger could ask questions it become light and he was back to the grand whole the king called in a bounty hunter and said:" Take this man away from here to the grandest and the hardest to escape even where the guards are cruel to prisoners so the bounty hunter toke. Roger but before he left the king got a bag and pot it's on. Roger's head his hands got bound he got lead out of the castle where people are waiting to throw rotten fruit yelling out murder, we don't want you here no more. Roger knew the life he knows is ended and he's new life as blood lust murder and even knowing that no one will never believe him going on the ship ready for what comes next and only to be able to say the truth and good bye in his heart. Roger was back on a ship that seems to going north for now but some of the sailors beaten up the prisoner even some sailors tried to rape the prisoner but the bounty hunter stopped them saying:" We're almost there this criminal will get plenty of that at. Sora-Vinson a jail tower the long lasting place for torching there victims even bracken there prisoners and making them into slaves no one is known to live throw the guards cruel ways of all there criminals or the slaves but. Roger hearing all this thinking to himself:" I must be strong and live throw all that these guards may throw at me he has to stay alive to bring down his king that became a monster" the ship came to a stop all at ones the guards entered the ship and toke the prisoner taking him to a jail cell and too throw him in then potting the prisoner's hands above into chains then they began to wipe in tell he is bleeding and then after burning his skin it almost killed. Roger went into a black out where. Annalise was waiting and said:" You know if you full here and die then your friends and family will not find peace in their graves even the ones that the monster king hade killed along with your men even though some where kill by the people that. I'm made from but what you do not know is that the king already made the choices to have them killed and blaming the whole thing on you die here true you'll rest at bottom of the sea but not a soul in this world will know that the king is a monster but you." Roger came back pushing himself to breath the guards where hopping that this prisoner would die but the guards pot the prisoner in near by room where servile have been found dead like they got polled apart inside a new jail cell where. Roger feel asleep with help from. Annalise would send out part of her spirit or soul to all corners of the would look for people or soul that wants to join. Roger to look and find peace in this world she will look for these souls on the land to the deep blue sea up to the heavens gate to down too the fiery gates of hell some of the souls would get there revenge on the ones how killed them many souls found their way to. Roger at the prison waking up from what he thought was a dream he felt his bounds frizz like their was something moving inside his bounds that night became a sharp pain that made. Roger roll around hitting the walls of cell in tell it was all over or to broken to move. Roger found himself in a puddle of his own blood and remembering all of it but found himself stronger then ever and even faster then ever going back to sleep feeling some what happy. Annalise said:" Roger you put up a fight as a human you did really well but now all the souls that have now joined you provide your strength as a navy officer and your leader ship skills as a captain your king will not now what hits him". Roger went back to jail cell where he heard a voice coming from a small hole in the wall that said:" So you're the new guy the guards say your name is. Bounty Roger but your first name is not that cool how about. William now the guards talked about you so your story but my name is.Nome Blastoff Velveteen of the grand elite knight's core of. Gaira Dene over 25,026 years old that it self may  stop you from speaking to someone like me also to make it worse             Ps this is one of my story's

we can all so talk about anime or manga books and movie if you like

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let talk movies all types not horror one that you like or love< Ones that made you laugh or cry< or ones with a twist ending like Now you see me 

I don't remember making this knight core but ok if you wont to join I will not stop you but I will be a very weird person to be with so save your self because it will be a very bump road or down a rabbits hall so safe journey too all how join I will all so be shoring story so hold on to your seat travellers :)   
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