Hi my acount name in guild wars 2 is Totoliche.6370 . Im the guild leader of Gods Of Asura .Guild is new, Building up slowley , currently have 20 members , very active , always doing events, once we have enough level 80s we will start doing WvW, We are also a Role playing Guild, although we love to PvE and PvP. Every Weekend (GMT+ 10:30 Hours Lord Howe Island) we start a group and do random missions and events. We are always helping low levels.  Also if you would like to join consider these rules and Notices if you still would like to join then reply to me:
*If you represent this guild you get rewards
*If you help others you get promotion
*If you be mean or cyber bully anyone you will be Kicked.
*Also if you would like to join this is A EU Server Guild.
We are mainly looking for Active members on Gunnars Hold <EU>
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