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NEW #Retropie feature: enjoy Windows PC games right on your #RaspberryPi gaming machine.
Install ExaGear emulator on your Retropie and launch Counter-Strike and more cool PC games directly from the Retropie interface. Learn more details in this short guide -

The emulator is made by +Eltechs

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Within the trial version of ExaGear Desktop for Odroid devices you can try to run Windows games by yourself.

#exagear #odroid

both exagear strategies and rpg wont work, or failed to running everytime i run any exe file, it keeps quit to homescreen, anyone helps, please? i use lenovo p2 6.0.1

When will a new version of exagear rpg and exagear strategy?

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Would you be delighted to have to say so all-in-one mega gaming console which will allow you not only playing retro console games but also enjoy old PC games (like Arcanum, Civilization 3, Diablo 2 etc.)?

Eltechs and Retropie have started a discussion thread on the Retropie forum. Would you, please, visit this forum thread and reply there to express your opinion on that point. We really need your voice and we'll be really grateful for your priceless activity!

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Video review of how to setup famous Windows games on ODROID-XU4

Guys i played commandos 1 successfully but i cant play Arsenal Extended Power it has low requirements and is a strategy game when i start it run and in last close before showing anything auto close please tell me solution i love this game please help developers
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