Please be advised that a phishing attack has been deployed using Google Docs. If you receive an email asking you to open a Google Document, please use extreme caution.
The email may look like it's coming from someone you know, but if you check the "To:" field, you'll see the email is coming from the address "".
Google has fixed this problem and is now altering its systems to prevent developers from abusing its authentication systems to spoof Google’s own products and services.
If you feel you have been effected, please reset your password immediately by going to any district PC, hitting CTRL/ALT/DEL and choosing the “Change Password” option. Once you change your Windows domain password, it will also change your district Google account, district email and Schoolwires passwords as well.

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Directions for taking Classroom Grades and uploading them to Genesis

Step 1: Click on Assignment on Google Classroom
Step 2: Click on Wheel in upper right corner
Step 3: Click download grades to Google Sheets
Step 4: IN a new window open up Genesis to the assignment you are grading
Step 5: On bottom of Genesis click "Create Assignment Import Sheet" (This will create an excel file or a new google sheet if you are on a chromebook)
Step 6: Paste grades from Google classroom sheet to import sheet
Step 7: Save import file to trusted location
Step 8: After file is saved, go back into Genesis and click "Import Grades"
Step 9: Select excel file or sheet with Grades Step 10: Grades are now in Genesis

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Original Post> Anyone know how many times a Google account can be logged into? For example if we create one Google account and give it out to parents so they have access to our Google classrooms? Would they be kicking each other off?

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Check this out! How to get your Twitter feed on your Schoolwires pages with live tweets. Step-by-step guide. 

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Keep this handy for class assignments and projects. 

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Some more ideas on how to use Forms in your classroom. 

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Take those grades from Google Classroom and put them into Genesis. Shared via +NICHOLE GROSS

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