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Here are my new rules:
1.) No hacking.
2.) No scamming or spamming.
3.) No bots allowed.
4.) No haters allowed.
5.) No porn.
6.) I choose who gets to be mod, no demanding mod.
7.) No harassment to mods and members.
8.) Only me and the mods of this community are allowed to post in the mods only section.
9.) You have to ask me before you change anything, and make sure it's something related to the community, if changed to something unrelated
10.) No attention whoring, I don't want to see anyone posting their problems and whining over it.
That's it, make sure you have fun. ;)


OMG +Sweetie The Dog Princess, what's going on?

Almost 70 members!

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140 subscribers, thx.

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I love Fernanda Gonzalez 💙💙💙💙💙

+EverestAndPinchFTW EvilEverestSucks EQTC EFAC I'm still waiting to be followed back.

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Fun fact: Everestfan12 was a member of the EQTC.

Question! What song of Meghan Trainor you like Better?

Better When Im Dancin' (from the Peanuts Movie)

Lips Are Movin


I'm a Lady (From the Smurfs 3: The Lost Village)
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