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Name~ Ace
Age~ 11
Gender~ Female
Mortal or "Mythical"~ "Mythical"
Student or Teacher~ Student
Power~ Shapeshifting
Likes~ Archery, knife-throwing, weapons, animals
Dislikes~ Being underestimated, being told what to do
Personality~ Sly, manipulative, independent, loyal, protective
Appearance~ Refer to picture below
Bio~ Her parents abandoned her as they were scared of her powers so she was raised by wolves for 10 years before she came to this University of Mythology
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Me and my pet Terra, playful run around a huge tree that had little blooms on the branches. Terra stop and jumped up to touch one of the blooms like a cat would do to catnip. "*Yawns Terra be careful, I don't want you to get hurt", I said.

Juniper is in her dorm wondering what to do

Naomi sits in her dorm with her earbuds in

Bethy enters her history classroom, hoping to learn more about her mom

is standing against a wall outside with a rain and thunder cloud above me and I look really mad ((open rp))

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Name: Naomi Autumn Holkery
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Mortal or Mythical: Mythical (part Selkie)
Student or Teacher: Student
Likes: The sea, books, secretely music, seals, being a selkie
Dislikes: being human, parties, loud music, being picked on
Personality: Naomi is a very sophisticated young girl. She can play the piano and is only permitted to listen to classical and christian music by her parents.She is extremely shy and nice. She is often taken advantage of by her peers. Naomi is what people call a "goodie-goodie". She is very innocent and quiet. Naomi is extremely smart.
Bio: Naomi comes from a semi-rich family. As a child she was spoiled, but she was never arrogant and did not boast. She loves donating old things to charity. Naomi abhors being in her human form, but she doesn't complain. She isn't very well liked by others girls. She's never been in a serious relationship with anyone before. Her mother is a Selkie and her father is human. Naomi loves living among seals and other selkies because only then, is when she feels like she belongs and matters. 
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Name: Kelli Jones
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Mortal or Mythical: Mythical (half mermaid/ siren)
Likes: water, her silver tail, singing, being a normal person, the school.
Dislikes: being dehydrated, losing her voice, falling into water and sprouting a tail.
Personality: sweet, modest, loving, and kind. She also athletic.
Bio: Kelli is part mermaid so when she is dry she has human legs. Her dad is human so she lived with him. She lives making friends and singing. Her singing has magical powers. She has never told anyone she is part mermaid.

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Name: Niki
Age: 16
Gender: girl
Likes: being alone, reading, keeping stuff to her self
Dislikes: bullies, stuck ups, people (sometimes)
Personality: grumpy (sometimes), can be happy at times
Appearance: black hair, wears uniforms a lot, blue eyes, tall, bangs
Power: can control the weather (like a weather goddess) move stuff around with out touching it
Bio: mom and dad left her and her older sister. She has lived with her sister Meria ever since she was 5 and her sister was 12. When she found this school she thought it was a great opportunity to find her parents.
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