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Based on the Haakon Urn texts discovered under the Antarctic ice in 1962. The true origins of humanity's pre-history.
Stifled for 50 years !
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"There are few books that so quickly get the reader to suspend disbelief and then open the mind to the possibility that there might be a a new view of history and the world, but 'Zandernatis is one of them."
Review by Penny Kelly, well known author, teacher, speaker, personal and spiritual consultant
Volume Two "Destination" also available
Volume Three "Apotheosis" to be published in paperback on May 21

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Dear friends,
Just wanted to share celebbrity reviews of Zandernatis "Pre-Destination", the first part of a trilogy revealing humanity's true origins following the 1962 discovery of manuscripts buried under the ice in Antarctica. And hushed up for 50 years!
They are by Penny Kelly, an author and teacher "working to wake up the world" and Bill Homewood, actor, writer and poet who, among other things has recorded many audiobooks of authors such as Rider-Haggard and Alexandre Dumas...
Read them here:
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Hello, here's some news that's been kept under wraps for 50 years and is finally getting talked about.
For full information check out

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What would have happened if Zheng He didn't stop his voyages?

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What would happen if the Republic of China was overthrown?
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