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Every now and then, somebody pops up and says something that makes the effort worthwhile. Thanks Mark. :)

"I bloody love this series, please keep it up! Laughing all the way!"

I have a quick question regarding SSL Certificates & Google Preferred Domains settings, and best practices with respect to SEO. Currently, Im ranking very well with my business' respective keyword searches. I currently do not have an SSL installed and embarrassingly, I just realized my preferred domain setting was still on "no preference". 😮 I run a small web design firm and have an awesome amount of backlinks. The majority of these backlinks all include WWW in the URL.

I want to install an SSL certificate, but I want to make sure I go about it the right way, so as not to negatively affect my current Google rankings. I'm pretty well versed with SEO, but not with regard to SSL's. Should I add the SSL to the "www" or "non-www". I get a little confused with this, it was my understanding that an SSL is added only to the "non-www"? If so, will that hurt my backlinks which mainly consist of "www"? And what about my backlinks not having HTTPS?

If the SSL is only added to the "non-www" domain - I understand that I need to do a 301 redirect to goto HTTPS, correct? This is where I get a little confused. Doesn't Google read the HTTPS site as a different site than HTTP?. I did read how Google suggests adding the HTTPS to the search console.

After that, do I need to redo my XML sitemap? And what would be best practice with redirects to maintain SEO integrity? I guess my concern is regarding these settings and concerns:

1) Currently my preferred domain in Google includes "WWW" in the URL. Pretty much all my backlinks include WWW in the URL.

2) With no SSL, I need to redirect "non WWW" to "WWW". Correct?

3) But if I add the SSL, do I need to keep that redirect, and/or add a new a new 301 redirect rule to goto HTTPS?

4) And then what about the HTTPS "www" and "non www" redirects?

5) Will adding the SSL in anyway hurt my current rankings? Because Im basically changing "HTTP WWW" to the new "HTTPS NON WWW". Correct?

6) With Google search console, if I add the SSL, do I add both the https www and non-www? Do I need to do anything with my current HTTP www and non-www Google search console entries?

7) With regard to my current backlinks, including social media and Google business listing, do I update that to include the HTTPS?

8) Should all my new backlinks include HTTPS?

9) Do I need to update any sitemaps? Robots.txt?

In closing, if anyone could just point me in the right direction or provide specific instructions in using the best practices to maintain current rankings, and SEO integrity, in this switch,I'd greatly appreciate it and will buy you a steak dinner. 👍🏼

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Quick question - do any of you know how to specify which image is used as a thumbnail preview for Google's mobile search results? I've seen lots of speculation, but nothing definitive. Wondering if anyone has figured this out yet? I've tried to reverse-engineer what I've seen in the results, but the results aren't consistent enough.

For anyone not sure what I am talking about, here is an article:

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The website is Multi-regional and multilingual
2. This is the landing page. In this URL :lp" stands for landing page.
Client wants to rank this landing page. Now I have question that is it wrong URL ? When I check site:website then there are very few pages indexed with this URL. Please suggest me about this issue. Which URL is best to use and why ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Google bot consider the IP address during the crawling time ?

For example, i am change my domain IP address due to the server issue, after that i am completed my fetching process, if any issues affected in the crawling time ?

Thanks & Regards
Arathymol T P

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Hi there.

I currently migrating a site to a new domain.

As per Google guidelines:

- I have set up all the various GSC properties and verified them.
- I have also set up all the 301 redirects
- Completed the change of address request in GSC
- I have created two sitemaps: URLs from the old site and the URLs on the new site and uploaded them both to the root of the new site

However, when I try to submit the sitemaps to GSC, only the old sitemap is accepted. I am receiving a warning that all URLs in the new sitemap are blocked in the robots.txt file. I have checked them in Screaming Frog and in the Robot.txt tester in GSC and they are definitely not being blocked to Google.

Sitemaps: - does not work - does work

I have also created two other sitemaps: - straightforward image sitemap (does not work either) - a manual XML file that I created in SFrog which is a copy of the Drupal generated sitemap.xml (does not work)

Any ideas? I wouldn't usually be quite so bothered but this is a domain change so I want to tick all the boxes.

Thanks in advance.


I am pulling my hair out. I can't understand why Google Analytic data showing Yelp 50% less traffic from referral and Yelp's insight shows 50% higher traffic going to a website from Yelp page. Who do I believe? Why's there a big difference in data?

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Any one help me please this is online booking taxi site in switzerland we have differentiated state, city and area. here google webmasters are crawling correct meta tag in state and city categories, but in area section it will not crawling it will crawl home page meta tag but in my site they shown correctly but google webmaster master could not properly taken. Images are shown in below. please be check it and reply me. thank you - domain - state - city - area
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Looking to salvage some good content from a regional site we are shutting down and bring it into the mothership. We'd appreciate thoughts on the best approach that minimises exposure to duplicated content issue

I read various marketing reports about and backlink. This is very good for SEO link juices.  I used this technique to generate 4600 backlinks in 2.5 months.  My anchor text link is  the company name and dofollow link. Should I be worry or not?

Please share me with your thoughts.

Thanks guys!
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