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Going...Going...Gone!!! :)

Google+ is closing soon for consumers but we will continue to answer SEO questions here until the lights go out.

You don't need to wait to join our Facebook group, Dumb SEO Questions. You can use the link below today.

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Hello Friends,

I have one year old blog named "ReviewBiz" ( ) but no web traffic. Please provide tips to get web traffic.

<a href="">ReviewBiz</a>

I want to Dynamic Google Ads,that mean : when anyone's searching the product,my ads'll appear.

Example : they're searching Dell 5050 laptop.My ads's appear this product or same product such as HP.

I don't know what name exactly this ads type and how to make it.

Can you show me about this or document ?

Thank you so much.

Hello, everyone. I've been watching Yoast's video tutorials on Cornerstone articles.

For those that offers services, such as construction, do you think it's better to have, for example, a basement remodeling cornerstone article, then a separate basement remodeling article that talks about and sells the basement remodeling service, then yet another separate basement page that has a contact form so people could hire the company?

or combine the basement remodeling services page with the basement remodeling Contact form page?

or just have separate cornerstone articles for each service and they all link to a generic contact form/page?

Thank you, in advance.

I've completed my website to wordpress.And redirecting old url to new url ,but Goolge's warning my url : No information is available for this page.

I think that if I redirect old url to new url,Google'll update new url and my website'll not lost ranking.That's not right.

Perhaps,I'll delete old url and submit new sitemap.

Interface of my google search console is french language.How to change it to english language ?
I don't understand why happen it ?
Thank you so much.


Can anyone help me regarding webpage content indexing, as I have a website on opencart that have content on category pages, but the main concern is, the web pages are indexed and caching regularly but the website content still not indexed on G SERP. How do I request to G to index the web content.

I have hero image that is intended to support the content. I am implementing schema markup on my site, then will the hero image be crawled and included in the rich snippet?

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Could you please help-

I worked for a cryptocurrency education platform where recently we migrated our website to www to non-www and now screaming frog is showing multiple redirects. The website is in Drupal. So, we had to redirect "node" to "custom URL". You know Drupal generate "node" automatically.

Now, I've two redirects on the same page on is HTTP redirect (www to only htttp or non www, example- to and another is html (node to custom url, like- to

How could I solve this issue? any idea would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advace.
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