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Every now and then, somebody pops up and says something that makes the effort worthwhile. Thanks Mark. :)

"I bloody love this series, please keep it up! Laughing all the way!"

Re: google bots and seo indexing

Two parts:
A- by specifying links in my sitemap.xml, does google or others try to index any other pages? Or do they just follow the xml?

B-how does google bots and other indexing bot handle protected folders? just ignored? or what?

Your videos are quite helpful. Thank you for your dedication to the group.


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If we can get such website indexed in Google, why is there so much guidelines? People are not following what Google says and the honest and obedient SEOs are being punished. See the snippet and then the Meta title of the website.

Don't you agree!

And who are doing this? SEO company :( 
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Hi Guys, new here.. I was looking for a community who might be able to answer my question then I saw this group.

Anyway, we built a new site and are planning to transfer all the contents from our old but existing website. My question is, will there be any issues? Penalties? Also, how can we prevent that?



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I want to make Nofollow and Noindex for my website page.

But I need code for this ...

I want to redirect my maximum not found page on that page. so i need to make it Nofollow and Noindex for Google. Please share link with me if any one has any idea

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How did this listing in mobile organic get the click to call to show up under description?

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I am sorry, guys.

Either my alarm did not work or I did not hear it but I slept all night instead of waking up at the appointed time.

Is there any interest in running 24 hours past our normal recording time for Dumb SEO Questions?

Hi all,

I'm currently working on ensuring all ALT tags are in place on the company website. We use the same image sometimes on separate news articles but it is in a different context. Can we use this same image on the different posts, but with a different ALT tag? What are the rules?

Appreciate your input - thank you!

Hi guys
I need a quick answer on Index Status from Google Webmaster console. I don't understand why it dopped from 30-1.Was my site hit with a penalty?

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