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Mystreet/Starlight/Falcon Claw High Roleplay
Welcome to the Aphmau Roleplay World!

Rules that you NEED to follow:
1. No bullying
2. Respect Moderators and Owner
3. No cussing
4. Only can have up to 2 OCs
5. You cannot control other peoples' OC(s)
6. If you need a question ask a Moderator or the Owner
7. Nothing inappropriate
8. You can have make-up characters
9. 3 warnings equals a ban
10. Roleplay board will be below
11. Romance is allowed but not farther than kissing and holding hands and hugging
12. Only 2 or 3 canons

Aphmau: Epic Of YC
Aaron: ???
Garroth: Garroth Ro'meave
Laurance: ???
Katelyn: +KatelynTheFireFist
Kawaii~Chan: +Belinda Valdes
Nicole: ???
Dante: ???
Lucinda: +Lucinda the Witch
Cadenza: +EnderGamerGurl
Travis: ???
Zane: +H2ODelirious ChrisDoseMC
Brandon: ???
Vylad: ???
Michi~Chan: ???
Ivy: ???
Aphmau's mom: ???
Zianna (Garroth, Zane, and Vylad's mom): ???
Gene: ???
Teony: ???
Zenix: ???
Sasha: ???

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(Hi I'm new and may I add a new character??)

Name: Luna Sky
Nicknames: Lulu
Age: 20 (The Last Pic is her in highschool)
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Likes: black, being alone with friends, reading, watching kid shows
*Dislikes: pink, being abandoned, disturbed, ruined kid shows
-kind: she is really kind to her friends a d will help them
-Protective: she is really Protective to her friends and will go out of her way to come after the person that hurt them emotional or physical.
-Clingy: she is really clingy and will be with a close friend or crush, that cause her to be Jealous to someone that try to be close to the Person.
-Jealous: she gets jealous of the person that do better then her or try to be close to the Person that will cause her to do selfish things
-Shy: she's only shy to new people but when she used to them she'll get out of her shell.
Friends: unknown
Hobbies: Drawing, dancing
Crush: Unknown
Sum Up Bio:
In high school she was a bit bullied by her Looks and her elf ears so she tried to hide them. Then as she grown and off to college she look really nice but have the emo side. In her adult years she lives next to Zane's house but she doesn't talk to him cause he was one of the bullies that makes fun of her ears but she really wants try to be his friend. she works in Hot Topic
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Which Nerd would u date? Tap to vote

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Who's this handsome guy...OH WAIT IT'S H

Guys I have been offline lately so I'm so so SOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY ;_; !!! I'm making a template right now so don't you worry! Please forgive me mah friends T^T

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