Rp anyone?

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Your Pokemon of Choice: Gengar
Gender: Male
Level: 100
Moveset: Sludge Wave, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Destiny Bond
Shiny?: Yes
Personality: Sneaky, Quiet, Agitated Easily, and Lonely
Likes: Friends
Dislikes: The Light
Nature: Modest
Type (cuz i know one of you are gonna have a fire type mudkip or something): The same
IQ: all
Family: nope
Spouse/Relationship: nah
Ability: Levitate

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Pokemon:Absol (Shiny)
Ability:Super Luck (Mega=Magic bounce thoo)
Physco Cut
Posion Jab
Swords dance

What the hell how'd we get 95 members already?!!?

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Name: Alex
Age: 14
Pokémon: Luxray
Gender: Male
Level 99
Personality: Nice, Honest
Likes: Swimming, Playing Video games
Dislikes: Annoying people, Bullies
Moveset: Swift, Electro ball, Thunderbolt, Thunderfang

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Name: Mew-chan
Pokémon of choice: Mew
Level: 100
Shiny: no
Personality: sometimes a little shy, liked to hide.
Likes: spending time alone, eating.
Dislikes: being disturbed and hurt.
Nature: Mild
Type: Normal
IQ: unknown, but seems to be average.
Family: none
Ability: Synchronize

>Energy Ball
>Ice Beam

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name: Mimi
Your Pokemon of Choice: morpher eevee
Gender: female
Personality: kind, caring, fierce in battle
Likes: anything fun
Dislikes: anything bad
Type: normal
IQ: 100
Family: eve, (mother)

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Name: Hamuna
Species: Ho-Oh
Gender: Female
Level: 100
Shiny: yes
Personality: caring and lonely
Likes: Other legendary pokemon
Dislikes: Ghost types
Nature: elusive
Type: Flying/fire
IQ: 100
Family: None
Relationship: single
Ability: pressure

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Hamuna was flying around a mountain when She saw you flying close to her.
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