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Hey Guys This Community Is For Free Mimecraft Free Drawings Like The Pic Is Showing So If You Want One Post Your Skin

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Hey everybody! So a friend of mine is making a minecraft channel and they wanted me to ask some people if they could make a drawing of a minecraft lemur skin. By thins I mean don't just make it look square and stuff make it look, I guess more round... If that makes ay sense. Kind of like stampylonghead's profile picture. It looks like his skin but it's not square like a minecraft person's body. You can do it on the computer or hand draw it and take a picture of it. Then upload it to google+ and share it with me. Also you can make channel art of something that has to do with minecraft. Make it creative! My friend can't use everybody's picture but he will mention who the profile picture and channel art is made by. Thanks! ^.^
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