I think of you in my dreams ,
Just you and me , the only team.
No one to tell us we're not meant to be.
Neither one of us needs to care. We can be carefree.
Just come away , with me.
We'll escape reality.
Where you're sitting miles away
Over here it's night , over there it's day.
I can't even wait to fall asleep,
For it is in my dreams that we meet.

I'm sorry I wasn't there to help to you down,
When all you did was save me from drowning.
I know the guilt is eating me up
What do I do I'm stuck.
You were always there to support me
Babe, your more important than life to me.
I don't want to screw with our relationship
So I'll do what I have to do I'll take the hit.
I know the promises were empty
But you did all you could to try and save me
So all I can say is I'm sorry
I'm sorry for letting you down.
You deserve better than this and you know this.
I'm so sorry I'm leaving town.
I wish I could be there to wipe all your tears
I wish I could be there to share all your fears
To be your shoulder to cry on
But by tomorrow ,I'm sorry but I'll be gone.

Strange how affections change
Now nothing makes Sense without you
Not that our love was ever true
You played me and I was a fool
You were a pit and I fell
I can't stay under your spell
No longer will I stay by your side
Don't lie and say you cried.
You treat me with no love
So push has become shove and I'm moving on
Before you know it I'll be gone.

I'm holding on for the sake of us,
So please don't throw me under the bus.
I've let my walls down,
I don't normally do it for any random clown
You're special.
Please don't make me regret
Because no matter what I do I can't forget.
Not your hair, your eyes or your smell,
I would miss the way you walk and talk as well.
Every annoying feature that makes me love you.
I've been praying that this love will stay true.

The distance between us is just a number
Just digits that's all
I'll visit you in my slumber
My dreams , I will call
I know this will not work
But I'm trying .
It's a perk
To be with you
Even when your crying
Your still beautiful.
Stay strong. Your my girl.
I'll always come back
Even if I have to go to the end of the world.

We were young and stupid,
We thought we were struck by cupid,
why did we have to come back to reality,
Wasn't imagination our speciality ?
We used to imagine ourselves growing old together
How did it just blow away like a feather?
I thought we would last,
but time seems to move so fast
that it leaves memories and hopes behind,
but doesn't anything thing remind you of me?
Almost everything I see is a reminder of you to me,
I know we have gone our different ways,
don't ever you wonder what could have been if one of us stayed?

When I say I miss you
I mean it cause I really do
I swear one of these days
I will fall down I try getting up begging ,praying
That I could forget
But I ask myself do I deserve what I got?
For purring g you through that pain of not being there
I'm sorry but , I missed you , it was like I was underwater gasping for air
I was tied down
Out of town
For three fourths of a year
Everytime I left I shed a tear
I know I took us too far
But now its like the memories are stuck In tar
Paving a road to the stars
All those moments made me so high
But without you I feel low, can't imagine the sky
I just wished I played the card smarter
And folded instead of playing on , its a disaster
The cards dealt out to me we're not in my favour
I'm sorry I ruined us. No more flavour
For a while at least
Your in the west while I'm in the east
We're world's away yet I feel so close
Why can't I forget us when I need to the most?

This is that once upon a time
Put all in one rhyme
So if you can relate
It's great
That moment when they walk out of that door
You know you feel so sore
And you have no idea what to do
You just wanna scream 'I love you'
But who will hear your cries
Cause people believe a sweet lie
Instead of a bitter piece of truth
But we should know in sooth
That eventually it will catch up with us
Throw us under the bus.
And everything just seems to be crashing down
You're thinking of leaving town
Starting over somewhere new
Cause you have no clue about what you should do
And you want to move on
But you can't let go of what gone.
You should know there is someone out there waiting for you , who needs you like air.
Just be strong until you meet the one
It's just a while, then your done.

All I ever meant to do Was to find the one I love
I'm sorry I hurt you , but push came to shove
And I was pushed of the edge
I was just holding onto the ledge .
No idea that I was dragging you down
I never meant to make you frown
I would love if you could move on with a smile
But no first you have to cry , make me feel vile
Don't you understand we can't be together
Cause we will probably never meet
And just talking will be a treat
And we're gonna start fighting
Cause we need words to continue this sighting
It's ugly , I never meant for you to hate me
But I rather you lived freely than for you to fight me
Cause I can be bad and dangerous and cruel
So don't be a fool
Find yourself a man who will look after you
The way I used to
Before I turn into what I am today
I just wanted to say
These words from the beginning :
Losing you will be sinning

Don't you think we were meant for more?
Don't you know I was sore ?
Still am
I don't know if it's a sham
You say I'm lovesick
And I know it's
Yes.I loved you
But what was I supposed to do?
Break your heart?
No, I just tore us apart
Both you and I
Eye to eye
Staring at the supposed other half
Do you remember my laugh
That's what I miss most of yours
The reason I walked out of your doors
Is cause you stopped
Smiling it's like you dropped
The emotion somewhere on the street
And forgot how to love how to breathe
But I can't live this way
Can't hold on another day
It kills me seeing you this way
Guess that's why I stay away.

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